My Secret Addiction

I've been hiding away a bit of late,
taking time out to recover from 
Christmas, school holiday, new year activities,
indulging myself in my secret addiction.
A little addiction that helps when the miniature bug
goes into hibernation,
helps keeps creativity alive.

Shall I show you??...

before we go there.....
(dithering about revealing my secret here)
would you like a tour of my workroom???
Did you say yes?
Ok then, I'll show you my enormous
well appointed workroom.
Here it is :)

Yep, that's it.
My workroom.
A table on castors, made for me by my Other Half
using the base of my old office chair.
It follows me from room to room,
will fit over my knees if I want to sit on the lounge.
For bigger projects it's the dining table but anything that
will fit on the cutting mat goes on my rolling table
and doesn't have to be tidied up at meal times.
You can see that indulging in my secret addiction
has cured the miniatures blues,
there are a couple of things under way in my 'workroom'.
Those 3 doodads in centre front are handles
and blade for a bread knife in progress.
The 'perspective' drawing was done by none other
than 11 year old grandson,
Gran tried faithfully to reproduce it to specifications
for his kitchen roombox.
Here is a closer view
 not yet ready to hang but we couldn't resist having a little play.
We're waiting on
'exciting small parcels'
containing treasures to add
and have plans to add some bright spots of colour,
some sunny yellow perhaps,
to tie in with the rest of the kitchen.
This kitchen will be finished
with the hanging of the shelf
and I hope this year will see a few more
uncompleted projects finished
after three years of
too much Real Life!!!

will you think less of me when you see my
secret addiction??
Will you think I should have my head examined?

Heheh, better get it over with eh?

It's no secret I love drinking tea,
Any Time!
Which in turn led to an interest in teapots.
Collecting teapots.
Not fancy china pots,
I like pots that look like they know their business.
I like them to look like they have history
and could tell tales of sharing moments
of happiness,
times of sadness,
the best cup of the day -
enjoyed in bed first thing in the morning.

Not only do I collect teapots but I delight in using them.
A recent acquisition was an epns hotel/cafe teapot.
I enjoyed it 'naked' for a while, just enjoying the shape
and the pretty silver shine
but the time comes when I want to use it.
When it comes to making a pot of tea,
it needs to be kept hot.
Teapots need Cosies don't they?!!

That's my secret addiction...
To be more specific,
Kitsch Teacosies.
The more decorated they are, the more I like them.
So, after living with my pretty shiny 'naked' silver cafe pot for a while,
it spoke to me and said it was ready for a warm coat.
What goes better with silver than royal blue?
What goes with royal blue?
Fun, fun, fun, sorting through my little huge stash
of wool.
Work out the shaping whilst thinking
about decorations.
Click, click, hook, hook......
Here it is all dressed up ready for a
Tea Party.
Cuppa anyone?
Do I need analysis?
Hmmm, do I feel the urge to make a miniature version???