Begin at the beginning

Dear me, I find I have a follower! Welcome Linda.  Not much to follow so far I fear, I'm rendered speechless by this blank page. Utterly speechless! Oh 'eck, as my greatgranny used to say, where to begin......

Start at the beginning could work, well, here goes. The love of all things tiny began at birth but it wasn't till I was expecting my first baby that I discovered via a magazine article that I was not alone in this addiction.  Life led me to some miniaturists in New Zealand who opened my eyes to wonders previously unimagined.

My only real miniature skill is crochet but dabbling in other areas brings joy also. A love of teddy bears has of course been translated into miniature crocheted bears. Meet Butterscotch who is sharing the limelight with MicroDot and Petal, two of his older sisters.