What did you do on Boxing Day?

I first counted my blessings.....miniature and otherwise.........

This blessing is a gift every Christmas, it belonged to my Pop who passed away in 1970, was cared for by Nanna till 1995 when it came into my care.  It must be well over 50 years old, I recall it being around when I was young.  I love the rich colour of the abundant blooms and treasure the memories they bring.

Then some miniature christmas goodies.

Meet Imogen Iris.
A special gift from my other 'arf, dressed in cream and old christmas red. 
She joins her older sister Isabelle Ivy, 
(sitting down)
in the Christmas Shop with Ambrose,
(the dog with the face only a mother could love but he is a precious memento of a dear departed friend) - where both girls dream of
Christmas Presents. 
Please don't look at the naked christmas tree, I promise I'm trying to make decorations..........

From a very dear friend who has a very new blog. 
I collect Depression Glass, now I have some in miniature!   How cool is that? 
The phone is a symbol of our legendary chat-a-thons ;)

That tatted doiley, handmade, gossamer fine.  Isn't it gorgeous?
It deserves a photo on its own to show off the awesome detail.

The bridle kit is again from 'imself and the totally grogeous silver trophy is from another lovely friend.  It looks like I'd better build my own stable soon!

After counting blessings I thought, since Grumpy is off his oats and on paddock rest, it would be appropriate to make hay while the sun shines............
OK, end of horsey puns, and the sun hasn't shone here for a week. 
Nevertheless, a large part of the day was spent making up that bridle kit.
I rarely have that much time to play all in one day, it was like christmas mk.2!

Shadow looks pleased with his new 'clothes' :)  Here he is visiting my grandsons horse who is as yet unnamed.  If I was a trifle younger, and a trifle smaller, I'd hop right on that saddle and take a wonderful ride but since I'm neither of those things I'll have to do the grandmotherly thing instead and spend some time with grandson making up his christmas bridle kit for his horse very soon.


A Furry Happy Christmas

Decorate the Christmas Tree with cute ornaments.

What's the fuss?
Blonde Bomber.

Watching from a safe distance.
Freddy Frog and the Whinnying White Ninny.

Give me a break, I'm too old to get excited!

Bah Humbug!  I'll hide under a pillow till the fuss is over.
Flossie Flannel Drawers.

Happy Christmas to all who share the season and to their furry loved ones from me and my beloved fuzzbutts.