Georgie is FREEEEEEEEE!!

Please excuse my enthusiasm and delight :))

George had patella surgery 10 weeks ago, all did not go to plan, there was an accident to her knee tendon during the surgery.  We were told 3 to 6 months before she can be declared completely recovered.  She has spent 10 weeks in a play pen unless I could be with her to keep her immobile on a lead.  As you can imagine it hasn't been an easy time for the poor wee mite.Great surprise this morning!  The vet was so pleased with her this morning when she went for a check that he's allowing her to slowly integrate back into the family pack.

And here she is a few moments ago.  The fur is growing back and George is a happy girl!  Not that you can tell from the photo, she doesn't like cameras up close!


Little boxes, little boxes..............

If you remember that song you are older than my children.

No new crochet to show, I'm catching up on repeat items.  Time out needed so I played with paper again.


Paper Miniatures

Playing with paper.  Rewarding fun :)  The jugs come from  Marlies of course!  Thanks Marlies, they are fun to make.  The map is of the Sydney area, it's to go in a drawer in my 3rd grandsons kitchen roombox.  Grandson no.2 made the flowers, aged 12.


How to make a Laundry Sink

This laundry no longer exists as shown, sad story....... 

Because I can't easily buy any miniature supplies I printed the wallpaper myself and, after breaking my heart over it fading within weeks and having to be replaced 3 times, each time trying more desperate measures to prevent the fading, I gave in and threw the laundry box away.  The contents now live in a clear plastic chocolate box and the printie dryer and washer have been replaced with 'real' ones! 

Apart from the sad story, the reason for showing the laundry is to show the sink unit.  It's made from balsa, earring oddments and a cheese spread container.


Jam production

I saw Sabs beautiful jam jars and followed her link to Karins
tutorial.  Thankyou both for sharing!