Bright and .........Beautiful?

Ok, I can at last reveal what those colourful threads
turned into.
With apologies if you're tired of tea cosies.

This is for a miniature Gypsy lady who lives in
a bright gypsy caravan.

A rosebud.

No new designs but here are some
new works on old designs.

For a boy.

For a wee girl.


I just want to say g'day

To all my friends!

This blog has been fairly quiet for quite a while now,
I don't seem to be making much besides crochet
which is a slow and repetitive process
so there's not as much to share.

with a new small crochet project in the planning,
I thought I'd share some photos
as I begin to choose threads.
Pretty colours that are like touching the rainbow.

A new project awaits,
for a nice
who has given me only two hints.
She likes bright colours,
the brighter the better,
as you can see
and bright yellow should feature as the main colour.
Ideas begin to form while work continues
on a baby shawl.

The shawl is finished,
washed and blocked,
ready to send across the sea.
Thoughts turn to
threads beautiful threads.

And another colourful adventure begins.

First my messy work drawer full of
odds and ends of thread from recent 
(and not so recent )

A quick tidy up and shove reels and cards to the back,
can't be bothered with actually putting things away
when there's the fun of planning
and choosing colours to turn into something pretty!

Start with drawer no.1
Plenty to choose from here?

On to drawer no.2

And drawer no.3

A girl can never have enough thread can she?
Find that bright yellow to start,
and add some more brightness,
and then my hand is full of possibilities.

Pop them into my work drawer,
Let The Fun Begin!!

Bright yellow.
Hot pink.
Emerald green.
Pale blue.

Can you guess what is on my hook
right  now?
What will those colours turn into....?
All shall be revealed in time!