500 Followers Give Away

just became the 500th follower here.
That somebody is a lovely RL friend
who came and fixed my computer this morning.
There I was, cut off from my blog-world,
feeling blue....
when the computer fairy came and
waved her wand
(actually, much hard work)
and I could visit my friends again.
I happened to mention getting close to 500 followers here
and the next thing I know,
499 turned to 500!
A warm welcome to every one of you
and thanks for all the lovely comments
so freely given.

It's been a while since there was a
lets celebrate 500!!!

this is a surprise give-away,
no photos.
No Photos?!!!
Do you trust me?
Will you enter a give-away without knowing
what you're in for?
one little hint.
It's a teacosy.
French Blue and White.
There will be a second prize too.
Yep, another teacosy.
That one is red trimmed with white.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post.
All the lovely people who have commented
on the teacosies in previous posts will get another entry.

better mention that the draw will be on
the last day of this month!