Midget and Gidget

For the benefit of new readers,
the gown that Midget is wearing
was inspired by a Doris Thurlow design.

Today is the first day that feels like autumn,
It feels soooo good :)
Enthusiasm returns,
get the camera out and
do some pics!!

A few weeks ago,
acquired a twin sister.
Her name is
(what else?)

Here they are together.
Gidget never cries.
Midget is a sweet natured baby too ;)
I really love these little ones!
Midget gave Gidget her christening layette to wear
while she waited patiently for some clothes.
Poor naked baby!

Meantime I started working out
a layette for Midget
using finer thread than the previous set
that I'd done as part of the swap for
Midget and Gidget.
With the finer thread I thought I'd try crocheting the entredeaux
instead of using the machine made type.
It turned out quite well,
a bit smaller than the bought version.

Here she is in her

In her petticoat.

And in her gown.

Not ready for a sleep?
Play time.