The Current Fur Family

It's been quite a while since I mentioned
the Furkids,
so I thought I'd share a recent photo of my darlings.

The current family keeping my seat warm for me!
Four wonderful, eccentric, joyous

The Whinnying White Ninny
(white with chocolate nose)

Flossie Flannel Drawers
(Fawn with chocolate sabling, chocolate nose and white bib)

Freddy Frog
(Fawn with black sabling)

The Blonde Bomber
(Fawn and white, her sabling has faded with age)

They are my constant companions,
wherever I am, they also can be found.
The specially love to 'help' me crochet ;)
A lovely warm doggie blanket in winter,
not so welcome in summer!

When there were eight.

We have sadly lost four of our little troop
in the past couple of years.
The loss of a loved pet is such a private grief
don't you think?
It's especially difficult to lose a young one.
was only 4 years old when she was diagnosed earlier this year
with Glaucoma.
Removal of her beautiful eyes was not an option
for this outrageous, energetic
Wild Child,
she would have suffered severe depression.
Choosing blindness for her would have been
a much easier decision for us
than choosing euthanasia
but knowing well the difficulties of life of a blind member
of a pack of dogs
and taking into consideration
our beloved Furbaby's age and personality,
we could not do that to her.

Vale my precious George,
we miss you.