Trashy Treasure

Sometimes it's good to be forced into inactivity.  I can vouch that painting is good therapy and finishing up a small project is even better therapy.
These shelves were finished a long time ago but getting around to painting them was another matter.  They're made from icy pole sticks, tongue depressors and some oddments of scrap wood.  I tried to match the colour of the kitchen set, didn't quite manage that but who cares?  It's all about the fun!

I'm under orders to make a cabinet to fit the back corner on the right.  The 9 year old owner of this roombox also has a long list pinned to the fridge, of many more details to be made - curtains, pet dishes, dog basket, cat litter tray, plant, pictures for the walls etc.


Still taking a break ;)

Pet treat jars.
Simple trash to treasure, made from buttons, beads and card.


Just a little Something

I'm still unable to post or read much.  Here is a little something that has been 34 years in the making.  From the original concept when fine thread, fine hooks and fine linen were simply unavailable in the Antipodes, the idea remained in the back of my mind and occasionally surfaced for contemplation.  Recent enforced inactivity brought forth a linen doiley with silk crocheted edging, shown here with Pei Li's peonies.

More in the pipeline, as yet not photographed.


The Phantom Stable Update

Stable Mk2.  I guess this stable seems like a phantom, heard but not seen so here is proof it exists. 
 No.1 was discarded due to the effects of vinegar and steel wool bug juice warping the timber and the acidity levels remaining may have had an effect on the contents, particularly the horse. 
This project is slow going with real life interfering with available time.

With the acrylic front and roof in place.  Roof needs a skylight insert.


Loose box.  Twisted wire forms the hinges on the gate.

Tack and feed room.  Inner walls are pegged for strength.

Feed trough.

Made and painted by the 13year old owner.  The only help he had was with inserting the wire in the rim which bends into hooks for hanging.

Tool boxes and crate made and painted by 13year old.  He had a tiny bit of help with the metal tin of nails.


A trifle in shock.........

Peeping out of my hermitage for a moment to share happiness.

Pei Li had a wonderful give away over at her blog.  I was stunned to win and so excited because I love Pei Li's gentle style and the shabby chic style in general. 

Life has been a little under par of late so when a knock came on the door this morning it was a surprise to open the door and find there is a parcel for me!!   That changed the complexion of my day/week/month completely :)  With shaking hands I opened the envelope and then began the shock.........

This little pot of peonies is so perfect I can't believe my eyes.  Every petal is fine and translucent like real peonies.
Here they are displayed with some of the macarons I bought from Pei Li a while back.
The tiny pink pot is only 1centimetre across!

Thankyou so much Pei Li, your beautiful gift is such a pleasure to my soul.