Toast anyone?..............

Levi needed a toaster so we made one.  School holidays are a specially busy miniature time round here!

Monkey see, monkey do, is me.  No imagination, but if I can touch it I can try making it.  I measured our RL toaster and we went from there.

Here is what you need.  Good old tongue depressors and coffee stirrers!  And a toaster to copy of course.

The upper part of the toaster with the slots was made as the three pieces shown bottom right, then all glued together.  Two tongue depressors glued together to get the thickness, split a coffee stirrer down the length to make the slot ends. Sand to shape.

The electric cord is made from thread with black card folded over and glued in position.  The wall plug was punched circles and the cord sandwiched between.  Tacky wax will hold it in position to make it look like it is plugged in.

Paint the upper and lower sections in your choice of colour and let dry.  Levi wanted Brushed Stainless Steel for his, mine is a retro/shabby green.  Glue top and bottom together and then add a timing knob made of a short length of toothpick.  Finally add the handle for lowering the toast.  We used black card again with a short piece of wire pushed into a drilled hole in the body of the toaster.

Addendum:- Second toaster makes its debut.