The Phantom Stable Update

Stable Mk2.  I guess this stable seems like a phantom, heard but not seen so here is proof it exists. 
 No.1 was discarded due to the effects of vinegar and steel wool bug juice warping the timber and the acidity levels remaining may have had an effect on the contents, particularly the horse. 
This project is slow going with real life interfering with available time.

With the acrylic front and roof in place.  Roof needs a skylight insert.


Loose box.  Twisted wire forms the hinges on the gate.

Tack and feed room.  Inner walls are pegged for strength.

Feed trough.

Made and painted by the 13year old owner.  The only help he had was with inserting the wire in the rim which bends into hooks for hanging.

Tool boxes and crate made and painted by 13year old.  He had a tiny bit of help with the metal tin of nails.