Where I Live

In a Tree House.
Or is that House In Tree?

The extreme weather conditions on the east coast of Australia
has caused a lot of damage
This is our little bit of damage.
I was barbecueing sausages in the Weber
on the back porch yesterday evening
to feed two hungry nephews, who
couldn't get to their home due to flooding,
when my Other Half shouted to me to come
and shift the car out of the car port.
Oh, that's a bit of a ****** I said,
upon seeing what the noise was about.
Moved car, went back to aforesaid sausages.
Other Half then attempted to contact
the Heroes
of the very overworked
No point wasting hot sausages,
we all proceeded to consume our meal
(in the dining room at the back of the house
well away from the damage),
only to be interrupted by
Police and SES
banging on the back gate.
Men in uniforms trooped in,
leaving a crowd of sightseers on the road,
braving the high winds and driving rain.
Neighbours must have managed to contact
the Services before we had.

We offered the nice men sausages
but they apparently aren't allowed
to eat sausages whilst on duty.
Nobody hurt?
Did we wish to evacuate?
Not really.
A brief inspection,
trim a few branches away from the gate.
Nothing more could be achieved until
the 100km per hour winds abate
so we spent a normal evening.
The only difference being
intermittent creaking
as the tree settled further into
its' new position.
A restful night was had by all,
including the tree.