Easter Chick

The MiniPigs were surprised to find
a little intruder in their play pen
during grass time today.
They all gathered round to check
who it could be,
no, it didn't smell like another piggie.
What could it be?

The funny little thing seemed
a bit lost so they made friends with it.

Happy Easter everyone!


Amazed Myself!

After a long time of no miniatures,
there is actually something to share!

A few weeks ago, Kris of 1" Miniatures Blog
offered kits for sale for a lovely sofa
that she'd designed and it was rather lovely,
Something stirred, I wanted a sofa like that.
Could it be my mini mojo returning?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained,
I asked Kris if I could have one of her kits.
Luckily there was one and she put it in the post.
When it arrived I set to immediately,
strike while the iron is hot sort of thing.
It was a beautifully prepared kit, excellent instructions.
Even my foggy brain managed not to make a mess.
Little Happy Dance :)

Kris said she might offer an armchair
to go with the sofa sometime in the future.
I can't wait!