A New Cupboard for the Modern Kitchen

It's a couple of years since Real Life allowed time
for creative thinking and putting ideas together,
when I found myself with half a day free and
nothing desperately calling for attention,
I played!!
Bashing cupboard doors out,
fitting paper to the back,
finding pretty things
for the shelves.
Miniature time at its best.
I don't like the drawer/tray in the lower right opening
so it hasn't been painted.
Any suggestions what I can put there instead?


A Gift from Lidi

Look what I brought home from
The Great Miniaturist Get-together :)
A very detailed waste basket!!

Isn't it lovely?
How lucky I feel simply being able to see Lidi's baskets,
I drool over every one of  her designs,
but to own them is such pleasure!
It actually lives in my dollhouse but I couldn't get a decent
photo of it there, there isn't enough light in that room,
so the stable agreed to host the photo shoot.

I could easily just collect one of each of Lidi's designs
for the sheer pleasure of looking at them,
without including them in scenes.


I've had a Lovely Day!

I had the chance to meet a lovely blogger
and her equally lovely husband
and charming son
yesterday :)
We had known one another from miniature groups
and blogs for quite a long time so it was amazing to finally
meet face to face.

does quarter scale to perfection and she brought
half a dozen of her tiny treasures to show me.
I've often said it's hard to pick the scale of Sandies work in photos
and seeing them up close in Real Life was certainly not disappointing!
It was a real treat to see such beautifully made little cottages
with the most gorgeous tiny furniture you could imagine.
Thanks Sandie.

Today we got together again and went to visit Lidi
and spent a couple of hours looking at her paperclay buildings.
I never tire of seeing Lidi's artwork.
The conversation was all miniatures!
Such a treat for me to meet another miniaturist.

My blog has been quiet for a while,
I've been busy making Midget a new dress but
I didn't want to show it until Sandie got to see the one I made for her.