A Little Bit of Excitement

A new workstation!

Tired of having to pack up the dining table every time we wanted to use it, I decided
to let the moths out of my wallet and get another workstation!
There's a drawer for tools, another for glues.
 One for clamps, another for odds and ends of wood.
There is room for individual project drawers
so they can be stored and easily brought out
to continue work.
And, you can almost see the top of the fridge and freezer
that have been covered with 'stuff' for years
where it was within quick reach ;)

I've had one of these for my crochet work for a number of years and it sure makes life easier.
Wheel it away when the house if full of guests
and find what you're looking for with generally less frustration from searching.
I can still misplace things but not quite as easily as
when everything was shoved into boxes.