Seasons Greetings

Cheryl and Alfie

wish all our lovely friends in blogland


My wish is for everyone to receive a miniature treasure
for Christmas
I hope I'll be back blogging more in the New Year!


Technical Challenges

Dear blog friends,
it's been far too long since I posted!
Due to the eccentricities of Windows 8.1
updating on our new computer, I'm not able
to get photos from my camera to my blog.
Ipad takes poor photos but what is a blog post
without a photo?
Imagine the frustration when I couldn't 
work out how to get Ipad photos into
a post???  Hair pulling and tooth grinding!
A breakthrough today :)
Who knew there was an app for blogging?
Bear with me, we'll eventually work out
problems and get back to decent photos.
In the meantime, an attempt at posting!

Hilda Grace and James George have been
feeling the squeeze in their sons family home
so, when the opportunity arose for them to
have their own tiny home right next door
they joyfully began making plans.  Not wanting to 
spend all their savings at their time of life
they made the hard learned wartime slogan
"Make Do and Mend" their motto for their
new venture.  First an old iron bed was given
to them by an acquaintance who might
not recognise it now it has a new lease of life
with a coat of paint.  Next, great joy from Hilda
when an antique dressing chest, almost an exact
twin of my own Real Life one that Hilda loved,
was discovered in a shed at the bottom of the 
garden of their new home.  No problem for a
handy chap like James George to give it a 
clean up with some sandpaper and a couple of
coats of varnish to bring it back to respectability.
A wardrobe and a couple more items made their
new bedroom so comfortable they wanted to move
in!  There's plenty more for them to do yet with
decorating but they wanted to show what they've
achieved.  A chihuahua or two appear to have made
themselves at home too.  Please forgive the appalling photos,
they'll be replaced asap.  


I've Been Very Lucky

I won a give away over at
The Shopping Sherpa!
A neat little laptop computer
which I painted and added a screen and keyboard.
Isn't it cute?
Thank you Anna Maria!

And also,
I love Tilda dolls,
specially the tiny ones for dollhouses.

Now the most beautiful Tilda lives with me!!

See her perched on top of the cupboard like a little fairy?
Isn't she gorgeous?

When I saw Amary's little Tilda in her pretty room 
I was besotted
so I asked Amary does she sell her creations.
She said she never had sold anything but she would
make me a Tilda for a gift!!!
I was over the moon :))
How lucky am I to have a Tilda made by Amary
 who is a talented and lovely person?
Thank you dear friend!

Imagine my surprise when I opened an exciting parcel
and discovered not only Tilda
but many more pretty treasures :)

Here they are all together on a garden seat borrowed for the occasion.
I couldn't bear to put all these treasures away
in scenes so Tilda and the pretties have stayed
on my work station where I can see them every time
I sit down

And here are some close up photos.

First of all Tilda sitting on my finger,
unbelievably tiny and perfect?!!
I love her demure little pose and her sweet dress
and shoes!

Some beautiful American roses which don't seem
to mind the climate Downunder :)  They haven't stopped
blooming and giving joy since they arrived.
Those petals are paper thin!

A basket of pretty ladies toiletries for Mothers Day!!
I feel very spoiled and very lucky!

And also a sweet shabby heart to hang on a door knob
and this lovely mat for the floor in front of the
kitchen sink.  I forgot to take a photo of the mat
in the kitchen :(

In this close up photo you can see the little laptop where someone
is checking their emails and enjoying a cup of tea
and a sticky sweet pastry.

Thank you to two special ladies who have given more than
gifts, they've given friendship as well.


Pink with White Roses and a Question

The pink tea cosy said it wanted a matching pot holder too.

With a matchstick for size.

A bit closer.

My question is this....
Would you pay for one of my cosies?
And perhaps a potholder???

I've never really sold much of my crochet.
I enjoy giving gifts so most of my work
is given away,
however, from time to time I'm asked do I sell.
Should I open an etsy shop?
What do you think??


Hilda Grace Does Zen

Hullo my dear friends,
if you're still here, thank you for your patience!

Yes, that's right, Hilda Grace has been zen crocheting ;-)
She loves the Aussie Summer about as much as I do,
which is not at all.
The heat drives away thoughts of miniature threadwork,
enter zen crochet - simple, calming and repetitive.
It helps if you can create something useful whilst zen hooking!

Hilda Grace and I put our heads together and decided
we could both use a potholder.

That's one of Lidi's baskets,
perfect for apples!
The cat is rather ho-hum about the whole thing ;)

Mine is made from pre-loved 100% wool that I had on hand,
Hilda Grace has more choice so she went with colours
to match her Daffodil Teacosy.

Apologies for the foggy photos,
my camera lense is fogged up with the humidity,
it doesn't like summer either ;)

RL dogs are getting pushy about their dinner
and I'll try not to be so long saying G'day next time!!


I Had Planned....

To post more often this year.....
Well, real life gets in the way.
Someone should abolish real life don't you think?

Anyway, I'm still alive,
not a lot of proof for that though :)
Summer Downunder is not the best time for needlework
of any sort, least of all crochet
but here's a pic of something I did before Christmas.