Pink with White Roses and a Question

The pink tea cosy said it wanted a matching pot holder too.

With a matchstick for size.

A bit closer.

My question is this....
Would you pay for one of my cosies?
And perhaps a potholder???

I've never really sold much of my crochet.
I enjoy giving gifts so most of my work
is given away,
however, from time to time I'm asked do I sell.
Should I open an etsy shop?
What do you think??


Hilda Grace Does Zen

Hullo my dear friends,
if you're still here, thank you for your patience!

Yes, that's right, Hilda Grace has been zen crocheting ;-)
She loves the Aussie Summer about as much as I do,
which is not at all.
The heat drives away thoughts of miniature threadwork,
enter zen crochet - simple, calming and repetitive.
It helps if you can create something useful whilst zen hooking!

Hilda Grace and I put our heads together and decided
we could both use a potholder.

That's one of Lidi's baskets,
perfect for apples!
The cat is rather ho-hum about the whole thing ;)

Mine is made from pre-loved 100% wool that I had on hand,
Hilda Grace has more choice so she went with colours
to match her Daffodil Teacosy.

Apologies for the foggy photos,
my camera lense is fogged up with the humidity,
it doesn't like summer either ;)

RL dogs are getting pushy about their dinner
and I'll try not to be so long saying G'day next time!!


I Had Planned....

To post more often this year.....
Well, real life gets in the way.
Someone should abolish real life don't you think?

Anyway, I'm still alive,
not a lot of proof for that though :)
Summer Downunder is not the best time for needlework
of any sort, least of all crochet
but here's a pic of something I did before Christmas.


Happy Christmas 2013

Just a quick post to say

Happy Christmas!

to everyone!
I wish for everyone


that is the real meaning of Christmas.

This darling wee village was a surprise gift delivered yesterday
by the lovely and talented lady who made it.
Thank you
How awesomely gorgeous is it????

This little village will take pride of place every Christmas!
Here is another photo of it with a very messy Christmas Roombox.
Sorry for the bad pic, it's hard to photograph indoors.
It's a tiny thing, the little houses are each less than an inch wide!


The Babies Have Wheels!

Long ago, BMG
(that's Before Mini Graff)
I fell in love with Gill's baby prams and strollers
and I promised the miniature babies I'd ask Gill
if she'd make one or two for us.
However, in the meantime, Mini Graff arrived
and was in desperate need of his own wheeled chariot
which you'll remember Gill also made,
so the babies had to be patient and wait their turn.

Eventually arrangements were made for strollers for them
and just a week or so ago an interesting box with British
stamps on it arrived in the post!
With greatest excitement I got it open
as fast as possible!
Parcels with miniature treasures inside are like presents,
aren't they?
2 grandkids were here and they were almost as excited
as myself about opening the box.
Their first question...
Do the wheels go around?
Can you tell they're boys???

Young Christopher may have opened his eyes briefly
 to see what the noise was about but even when he was
strapped into his side of the new stroller he was
happy to continue his snooze.
Adelaide, on the other hand,
crowed and kicked and clapped her wee hands
and couldn't wait to settle into her seat!

Here they are ready to go for their first ride!
Their mama is so happy not to have to carry her
chubbby babies everywhere now.
The babies love the rattles
(that match the upholstery)
which Gill so kindly sent for them :)
And, of course the wheels go around!

Next out of that interesting box came a
gorgeous pink creation.
This one is for Emma Rose but,
as she's wearing her christening robe at the moment
and didn't want to crush it up,
one of the dollhouse twins consented to model for us.
She's about as interested in proceedings as Christoper,
yawning widely, ready for a nap ;)

Of course, being male, Mini Graff looked things
over to make sure there had been no damage
in transit and all was safe for the precious babies
to take their first outing.
Luckily I wasn't sleepy like certain small babies,
and I enjoyed play time perambulating babies
all around the dining table ;0)
RL Graff and both young grandsons are very
impressed with Gills' creations.
As for me, I adore them!
Gills attention to detail is amazing,
these little strollers are made exactly like a RL stroller.

Thanks Gill :))


Would You Care to Take Tea with Me?

School holidays Downunder,
grandkids spending a day with us.
We go around the miniatures and see all the new things.
It was the perfect opportunity to take a photo of the lovely
petitpoint tea cosy that I won from Rosanna

Would you care for a cup of tea?
Please take off your hat and have a seat,
and help yourself to a macaron :)
and we'll enjoy a refreshing cup
from beneath that pretty cosy.

Every time I walk past my pretty kitchen roombox
I enjoy a moment peeking in,
and think how lovely it would be to
invite Rosanna to have afternoon tea with me.

Sending hugs to you Rosanna
and I hope your hands are getting better.


Bright and .........Beautiful?

Ok, I can at last reveal what those colourful threads
turned into.
With apologies if you're tired of tea cosies.

This is for a miniature Gypsy lady who lives in
a bright gypsy caravan.

A rosebud.

No new designs but here are some
new works on old designs.

For a boy.

For a wee girl.


I just want to say g'day

To all my friends!

This blog has been fairly quiet for quite a while now,
I don't seem to be making much besides crochet
which is a slow and repetitive process
so there's not as much to share.

with a new small crochet project in the planning,
I thought I'd share some photos
as I begin to choose threads.
Pretty colours that are like touching the rainbow.

A new project awaits,
for a nice
who has given me only two hints.
She likes bright colours,
the brighter the better,
as you can see
and bright yellow should feature as the main colour.
Ideas begin to form while work continues
on a baby shawl.

The shawl is finished,
washed and blocked,
ready to send across the sea.
Thoughts turn to
threads beautiful threads.

And another colourful adventure begins.

First my messy work drawer full of
odds and ends of thread from recent 
(and not so recent )

A quick tidy up and shove reels and cards to the back,
can't be bothered with actually putting things away
when there's the fun of planning
and choosing colours to turn into something pretty!

Start with drawer no.1
Plenty to choose from here?

On to drawer no.2

And drawer no.3

A girl can never have enough thread can she?
Find that bright yellow to start,
and add some more brightness,
and then my hand is full of possibilities.

Pop them into my work drawer,
Let The Fun Begin!!

Bright yellow.
Hot pink.
Emerald green.
Pale blue.

Can you guess what is on my hook
right  now?
What will those colours turn into....?
All shall be revealed in time!


Another Collaboration Between Friends

My very kind friend who enhanced
this time last year,
and offered if for sale on my behalf at the
Hobart Doll Show,
has done the same thing again this year for me!

Dianne is without doubt one clever lady,
She made the little BellyButtonBaby in the romper set
and the christening layette fits the same doll.
I am always amazed at the difference
her clever hands can make to a plain little bit of crochet.
She's a brilliant needlework artist!!!
The photos speak for themselves.

The 2013 Hobart Doll Show
is on the 24th and 25th of this month
if any of this blogs reader are interested
to go along and look.


I Won! I Won a Wonderful Give Away!

The very talented 
and very sweet
recently had a beautiful Give Away
at her blog.
To my amazement,
I won!!
I couldn't believe I had really won!

A few minutes ago the postman left
a package in my letter box.
Great joy when I read the name of the sender
and I knew there was something wonderful
waiting for me to open :)
Inside was this exciting little parcel and a postcard
which can be cut out and made into
a tiny building!
Don't you love miniature parcels?
I love to hold them in my hand
and think of the sender
and delay opening them for a while
to enjoy the moment for a little longer ;)
Curiosity and excitement means I can't
wait for too many moments before opening......

Inside was this very beautiful Teacosy
made by Rosanna.
I apologise for not being able to show
how beautiful this cosy is in a photo,
it is a work of art in my hand.
Every stitch is perfect, it is so neatly made
and the tiny Carnival Horses
make me smile.
How lucky am I???
Doing a Happy Dance and clapping my hands :)
I loved this cosy when Rosanna showed it on her blog!
I was taken completely by surprise when I won it!!
Never for a moment did I think of winning
when I left a comment,
I just wanted to say how much I admired
Rosanna's tea cosies.

Thank you Rosanna,
I will treasure this beautiful gift forever.


I'm a Little Teapot.....

Looks just like a teacosy!


New Clothes for the Dollhouse Babies

I haven't done much miniature work this year
but I have managed a little crochet.

First an excited little sun-kick!

When the breeze turns a little cooler and it's time for a nap.

Dressed to go shopping with mum.

And when the summer is over it's time to rug up.


Give-Away Winners

We have a winner!
I asked the 500th person who joined my blog,
who is also a RL friend,
if she would make the draw for me.
She agreed so I printed everyones  names
and put them in a bowl
and plodded off round the corner
and she did the honours for us!

Thanks Wen!!
Two followers will recognise their Mums' hands :)

Stiring the pot!

One name chosen.

Congratulations Helen and I hope you like your teacosy!
Please email me with a postal address as soon as possible.
This is the french blue and white cosy.

And another name is chosen!
Congratulations Lina!
I hope you like this little red and white cosy.
Please contact me as soon as possible with your postal address.

Thanks to everyone who entered.


Current Entries

Here are the names of all who have entered the give away
as they appear on the post.
If a name is repeated
it is because that person commented on the
3 previous posts showing teacosies.
If your name isn't in the left hand column
and you want to enter,
please add your comment to the give-away post.
The draw will be made as close to
5.00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time
as I can manage.
You have 15 hours to add your name
in the draw at the Give-Away post.
Good luck everyone!
Final entries.


500 Followers Give Away

just became the 500th follower here.
That somebody is a lovely RL friend
who came and fixed my computer this morning.
There I was, cut off from my blog-world,
feeling blue....
when the computer fairy came and
waved her wand
(actually, much hard work)
and I could visit my friends again.
I happened to mention getting close to 500 followers here
and the next thing I know,
499 turned to 500!
A warm welcome to every one of you
and thanks for all the lovely comments
so freely given.

It's been a while since there was a
lets celebrate 500!!!

this is a surprise give-away,
no photos.
No Photos?!!!
Do you trust me?
Will you enter a give-away without knowing
what you're in for?
one little hint.
It's a teacosy.
French Blue and White.
There will be a second prize too.
Yep, another teacosy.
That one is red trimmed with white.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post.
All the lovely people who have commented
on the teacosies in previous posts will get another entry.

better mention that the draw will be on
the last day of this month!


If you're fed up with Teacosies....

Don't bother looking at this post.
Apologies for repeating myself but,
I'm enjoying making these tiny morsels of colour.

This Shabby Chic Green cosy made for a friend.


Breakfast in the Dollhouse

I finally got courage to put together and paint
the toaster kit I'd bought for the dollhouse.
Knowing my previous failures with painting metal
I was really unsure of how to go about it.
Elizabeth at Studio E recommends nail polish
for lots of dollhouse details
so I tried that first....
it chipped off as it dried :((
time to try Tamiya Metal Primer.
That stayed on and gave me hope!
Tamiya Gloss Black over the Primer,
hold breath, cross fingers.
And I love this toaster!


Tea Rose?

Some more tea cosy fun.

With one of Kim's delicious cakes.



"It's Unique", I said.
"It looks like something U-Neek Up On,
with the Round-Up"
he said.


Where I Live

In a Tree House.
Or is that House In Tree?

The extreme weather conditions on the east coast of Australia
has caused a lot of damage
This is our little bit of damage.
I was barbecueing sausages in the Weber
on the back porch yesterday evening
to feed two hungry nephews, who
couldn't get to their home due to flooding,
when my Other Half shouted to me to come
and shift the car out of the car port.
Oh, that's a bit of a ****** I said,
upon seeing what the noise was about.
Moved car, went back to aforesaid sausages.
Other Half then attempted to contact
the Heroes
of the very overworked
No point wasting hot sausages,
we all proceeded to consume our meal
(in the dining room at the back of the house
well away from the damage),
only to be interrupted by
Police and SES
banging on the back gate.
Men in uniforms trooped in,
leaving a crowd of sightseers on the road,
braving the high winds and driving rain.
Neighbours must have managed to contact
the Services before we had.

We offered the nice men sausages
but they apparently aren't allowed
to eat sausages whilst on duty.
Nobody hurt?
Did we wish to evacuate?
Not really.
A brief inspection,
trim a few branches away from the gate.
Nothing more could be achieved until
the 100km per hour winds abate
so we spent a normal evening.
The only difference being
intermittent creaking
as the tree settled further into
its' new position.
A restful night was had by all,
including the tree.