Some Self Indulgence

I'm feeling like a bus today. 
You wait and wait for a bus that never comes then two arrive together!

Just thought I'd share what I've been up to,
indulging the passion while unable to make miniatures myself.

The ducks reminded me of my grandparents home and made me smile.
Being unhandy with miniature plants I couldn't resist these gorgeous succulents.  The photos don't do justice to these polyclay creations, they are absolutely wonderful!

I adore this little Froggy flower frog in this lovely bowl!
Once again the photo doesn't show the perfection of the handwork.
The bunny and african violet were surprise gifts that made my day :)

Here they are all together with a spike I made 
inspired by Mercedes RL size spike.
The spike is my first play with miniature making in quite a while.
All of these goodies reside in my conservatory which is getting nicely filled.

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