Some New Treasure

As you probably know,
I love collecting beautiful artistmade

as I've not had much of my own work to share lately,
I thought I'd share some photos
of recent additions to my collection.

Around Christmas time
Adelaide and Christopher
found they needed a new brother and sister.

This is
Little Dot,
about 2 3/4"long, squished into Midgets cot.
Adelaide has loaned her a play suit
but it's a trifle on the tight side!

Adelaide and Little Dot get on well together.

Next we have
Also squished into Midgets cot.
He's not in the least concerned that he's 'naked'!

Henry and Christopher have something in common,
they both enjoy a good snooze!
I absolutely love Alicia's OOAK babies!

Next aquisition via ebay
is for the stable.
I'm gobsmacked by the craftsmanship of this set.
The riding crop is a perfect rendition.
That crash hat is silk lined!
And the boots are beautiful thin leather
made to appear well loved.....
I do love them!!!!

Then along came another exquisite
handmade miniature
to tantalise!
One of
little dollies.
Adelaide took one peek
and claimed her for her own.

And last but most certainly not least,
a recent exciting parcel arrived
I've loved Christines miniature toys
for a long time,
they're her own unique style
with such appealing little personalities.
This little bear spoke to me
and said it belonged with Midget!


Midget and Gidget

For the benefit of new readers,
the gown that Midget is wearing
was inspired by a Doris Thurlow design.

Today is the first day that feels like autumn,
It feels soooo good :)
Enthusiasm returns,
get the camera out and
do some pics!!

A few weeks ago,
acquired a twin sister.
Her name is
(what else?)

Here they are together.
Gidget never cries.
Midget is a sweet natured baby too ;)
I really love these little ones!
Midget gave Gidget her christening layette to wear
while she waited patiently for some clothes.
Poor naked baby!

Meantime I started working out
a layette for Midget
using finer thread than the previous set
that I'd done as part of the swap for
Midget and Gidget.
With the finer thread I thought I'd try crocheting the entredeaux
instead of using the machine made type.
It turned out quite well,
a bit smaller than the bought version.

Here she is in her

In her petticoat.

And in her gown.

Not ready for a sleep?
Play time.