Fun with a grandson

Some things a grandson and I made for his kitchen roombox today!



My last crocheted project is still under wraps as it's for a dear friends birthday but here is the result of some recent doodling, not a lot to show as yet.  The beginnings of a bedspread.


Look who came to live with us!

After much thought, as you'd expect when adopting ;) I finally gave in to my hearts pleading and a little girl named Isabelle Ivy came to be a sister for Emma Rose!
She's a little sweetie.  A small ray of sunshine in a week that could have been better! 

Feeling a trifle under the weather (battered in spirit after losing one of my dear dogs and bruised in flesh from a fall) the arrival of Isabelle Ivy brought a smile and brightened things up no end!  Aren't miniatures and miniature friends the best balm for the spirits?


Make a pie tin

I am not a poly clay artist, the practical rather than the beautiful comes easier.  This pie dish is easy enough for anyone to make.

My grandson helped, they are his hands in the photos.  The pics are fairly much self explanatory, simple tools and aluminium tops from drink bottles are all you need.

Cut along the dotted line!

Pull out the insert.  Fold the edge down a little with smooth nosed pliers.

File the edge down to a 'pie dish' depth.

Smooth the top and Voila!

Cook a yummy pie in your new pie dish.  Don't look too closely, I'm not a poly clay artist!


Miniatures take a backseat..........

to "real life" at times. 

Christmas and New Year are big Downunder with long school holidays covering about 6 weeks during the hottest time of the year and many taking their annual work holiday.

Being much better with tools than clay I had Levi assist me with a photo tutorial for making pie dishes - coming soon to this space.  Waaaah!  I'm having photo problems in my computer so can't share the pics in the camera for the moment.

I can share something I began making in late November and had to lay aside during the silly season - two shabby type containers for my pink baby roombox.  They were made using clear plastic pen casing, beads and press studs.  The taller one will hold cotton balls while the short one already holds cotton buds.

If anyone can tell me how to make paint stick to this type of shiny silver bead I would be very grateful, I painted them every which way I could think but every time the paint just came off the minute I touched them.  Gesso helped the paint stick to the press studs but those beads....................frustration!