A trifle in shock.........

Peeping out of my hermitage for a moment to share happiness.

Pei Li had a wonderful give away over at her blog.  I was stunned to win and so excited because I love Pei Li's gentle style and the shabby chic style in general. 

Life has been a little under par of late so when a knock came on the door this morning it was a surprise to open the door and find there is a parcel for me!!   That changed the complexion of my day/week/month completely :)  With shaking hands I opened the envelope and then began the shock.........

This little pot of peonies is so perfect I can't believe my eyes.  Every petal is fine and translucent like real peonies.
Here they are displayed with some of the macarons I bought from Pei Li a while back.
The tiny pink pot is only 1centimetre across!

Thankyou so much Pei Li, your beautiful gift is such a pleasure to my soul.