I've Been Very Lucky

I won a give away over at
The Shopping Sherpa!
A neat little laptop computer
which I painted and added a screen and keyboard.
Isn't it cute?
Thank you Anna Maria!

And also,
I love Tilda dolls,
specially the tiny ones for dollhouses.

Now the most beautiful Tilda lives with me!!

See her perched on top of the cupboard like a little fairy?
Isn't she gorgeous?

When I saw Amary's little Tilda in her pretty room 
I was besotted
so I asked Amary does she sell her creations.
She said she never had sold anything but she would
make me a Tilda for a gift!!!
I was over the moon :))
How lucky am I to have a Tilda made by Amary
 who is a talented and lovely person?
Thank you dear friend!

Imagine my surprise when I opened an exciting parcel
and discovered not only Tilda
but many more pretty treasures :)

Here they are all together on a garden seat borrowed for the occasion.
I couldn't bear to put all these treasures away
in scenes so Tilda and the pretties have stayed
on my work station where I can see them every time
I sit down

And here are some close up photos.

First of all Tilda sitting on my finger,
unbelievably tiny and perfect?!!
I love her demure little pose and her sweet dress
and shoes!

Some beautiful American roses which don't seem
to mind the climate Downunder :)  They haven't stopped
blooming and giving joy since they arrived.
Those petals are paper thin!

A basket of pretty ladies toiletries for Mothers Day!!
I feel very spoiled and very lucky!

And also a sweet shabby heart to hang on a door knob
and this lovely mat for the floor in front of the
kitchen sink.  I forgot to take a photo of the mat
in the kitchen :(

In this close up photo you can see the little laptop where someone
is checking their emails and enjoying a cup of tea
and a sticky sweet pastry.

Thank you to two special ladies who have given more than
gifts, they've given friendship as well.