Belly Button Baby Cradle

Midget is an obliging little babe,
here she is happily showing the size of one of
beautiful rocking cradles,
a perfect fit!

  She's modelling bonnet, knickers and bootees
made in vintage cream
to match the vintage style cradle.

And a shawl made in the matching cream.


7 Little Australians

The Continuing Tale of the Dollhouse Family.

The lovely
and talented
Coombe Crafts
recently completed the rest of our dollhouse family,
so here we have a little of their story.

Each of these little people has been named
with my own families names.
We have a couple of sets of twins in the extended family
and the name Robin appears twice
so together with the creator of the
Dollhouse Family
being also Robin, we of course had to have a Robin.
Hilda Grace and James George
are an amalgamation of family characters.
James/Jim is so often used
my mother used to say-
"We have old Jim and young Jim
and young Jim's son Jim
and baby Jim as well."
True Story!
I've had so much fun endowing these little people
with characters and names
in memory of loved ones
and Robin has given them faces to go with their character.

Well, enough history, on with current events.

Mum Janet has been enjoying the warmth
of the late autumn afternoon sun
on the upper balcony
reading to the 3 year old twins 
Pip and Pippa.

Dad Jim arrives home from work
and knows where to find his family
so he's headed straight upstairs
after a quick pat for a couple of the dogs.
Jim owns a small bus company.
He started out driving buses when he first arrived Downunder.
He saved very hard and, 
thanks to a loan from his dear Dad,
he was able to buy his first bus.
With good management,
being handy and doing his own repair work,
he now has the beginnings of a fleet of buses.

A hug for his wife and a pat on the head
for Pip who has run to greet him.

G'day to Gran and Granddad
who have also been enjoying the weather.
Looks like Granddad is hoping for a game of chess
with his son before they have tea.
One of the 8 month old twin babies has woken from an afternoon sleep
so Gran brought her upstairs for some fresh air.
She is excited to see Daddy!

Young Jim has been looking for his slingshot,
it must have been on the seat beside Mum!
He's glad to have it back in his possession,
that annoying little brother would love to get his hands on it ;)
Oh, no, Pip is playing with Young Jim's billy-cart!

He's going to get a good scolding from big brother!

Pippa is the quiet one of the three year old twins,
she's happy to play dollies
and enjoy the company of the bunnies
and the chihuahuas.

The two older girls are sharing a bath
after their busy day at school.
You can see Robins pet rat
sitting patiently on the chair
waiting for her to cuddle him again.
Sissy is horse mad but she doesn't bring her horse
into the bathroom!
With so many
Little Australians
in the family,
Robin and Sissy know it pays to get in early!

The sun is sinking quickly
and the evening chill will soon
send our family indoors for their evening meal
and later,
some happy time sharing the events
of their day.

It's evident that
7 Little Australians
will be
8 Little Australians
in a few months!
Janet and Jim don't mind another mouth to feed,
they always wanted a large family
and they love their brood.
(I can't help thinking two sets of twins is enough though,
lets hope the new arrival is a single!)
Gran and Granddad are reveling
in their life with their loved ones.