A Tribute to Talent


The Great Unveiling 

Of a Miniature Portrait

Two lovely and talented miniaturists agreed
to help make this miniature dream possible.
This post is a tribute to their talents,
Thank you both!

Robin and Gill

Robin makes wonderful humorous miniature characters,
she made all the people for my dollhouse.
I was thrilled when she agreed to a portrait commission.
Photos were sent and descriptions written....

Gill is a miniature artist whose work I've long admired,
I danced a jig when she said she'd step outside her comfort zone
and make something totally different.
Many photos, many measurements....

Much patience from both artists,
and the final result....

Our grandchildren call their grandfather Graff.
Robin excelled herself!!!
Everyone who meets MiniGraff instantly recognises him
and laughs :))

Gill exceeded all hopes!
She made the double spoked rear wheels herself
and even duplicated the webbed pushrim!!
The front castors actually turn!

 See the camber on the back wheels?
Gill included the tool pouch that hangs beneath the seat,
also the small leather knife pouch where you can just see the
red top of the folding knife peeping out.

and on the back is the Quickie Wheelchair logo
just like the RL wheelchair!

This is the RL version,
it's hard to tell which is the miniature isn't it?

MiniGraff will eventually inhabit a 'Man Cave'
much like his RL counterparts favourite place to hang out.
In the meantime, he's been visiting round the miniature scenes,
meeting people, horses and dogs,
and cuddling the babies.
He loves the babies!
Christopher was so comfortable he closed his
little eyes for a nap. 

Adelaide was happy to share her teddy with MiniGraff.

A toast to Robin and Gill
whose very talented hands created
a portrait which will become part of our family legend.