Weight Loss Program

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With life so disorganised miniature crochet is but a memory but I'll share my last larger project that was made in January.  It was a birthday gift so it couldn't be shown before it was received and I forgot to photograph it myself!!  the recipient has kindly sent a couple of photos for me to share.

The gown and petticoat are made from a Doris Thurlow pattern,
resized for finer thread and a finer hook than is used in the original,
the bonnet, bootees and knickers are my own design.

This is the same pattern as Emma Rose's christening layette but made a size smaller to fit the Heidi Ott doll.  It isn't my design but I love making this pattern.  I did design the bonnet and the invisible knickers and bootees.

Lastly, welcome to all the lovely new followers here.  I will make a proper welcome soon I promise! 

Also, thankyou so much Lisa, Susan and Norma for sharing awards!!  I'll pick them up when I have another moment for myself at the computer. 

Mini hugs to everyone, back to the salt mines for me ;)