Collaboration between Friends

Remember this gown from a few posts back?
A lovely and clever friend embroidered it,
hasn't she made it special?
She also made the doll,
a very talented lady!

She also did the embroidery on this Heidi Ott crawler doll romper.


Welcome Downunder Bella Mouse!

Recently I was stunned to find that I'd
won a most beautiful give away

Bella Mouse arrived
I am so delighted with her
and utterly gobsmacked
at the perfection of her dear little face
and lovely clothes!
Thankyou so much

Lucy and Annabelle

for your kind generosity,
you have warmed my heart.

When Robin heard that the postman had left a parcel
all the way from the USA
she knew instantly whom the parcel was for
and jumped out of the bath in great excitement!

(remember she was having a bath 
in our last visit to the dollhouse?)

She grabbed a dressing gown
and quickly wrapped herself in it
and flew down the stairs, 
nearly tripping in her haste and excitement,
into the lounge room
and unwrapped
the tiny and most gorgeous
Bella Mouse!
Bella grabbed up her wee basket and purse
so they wouldn't be lost midst the chaos
and plonked them on the couch
while she and Robin hugged one another
and danced around the room.
Robin could barely speak she was so happy
at meeting her new friend.
When they began to be dizzy
Robin sat on the lounge with Bella on her knee,
she couldn't bear to be parted from her special friend
for even a second.
(I must admit myself to having a little tear in my eye
seeing their happiness together)

Poor Bella was a little jet lagged at first
but a heartening cup of tea set her to rights quickly.
When she was feeling revived
she told us her journey had been quite comfortable
and she hadn't been travel sick at all 
but she is very pleased to be on terra firma again.
The upside-down weather had her a trifle puzzled
as it had been warm when she set out
on her journey.
On arriving in the Land Downunder
she was very glad she'd packed her warm coat
although the sun is bright and the birds are singing happily,
it is mid-winter in her new homeland
and quite cool.

Robin and Bella fell in love instantly they saw one another,
the smile on Robins face says it all!
One of the dogs seems to have fallen for sweet Bella as well ;)
Robins pet rattie Camilla
(aka Milla)
thought she might be a tiny bit jealous of the newcomer
who was receiving so much attention
but Bella is such a gracious and sweet person
that they've become best friends already.

As for myself, I too am under the spell of
Sweet Bella Mouse.
I can't believe my luck in winning such a wonderful
Give Away and can't say thankyou enough.
Bella is loved by all,
and will be a treasured member
of the dollhouse family.