Technical Challenges

Dear blog friends,
it's been far too long since I posted!
Due to the eccentricities of Windows 8.1
updating on our new computer, I'm not able
to get photos from my camera to my blog.
Ipad takes poor photos but what is a blog post
without a photo?
Imagine the frustration when I couldn't 
work out how to get Ipad photos into
a post???  Hair pulling and tooth grinding!
A breakthrough today :)
Who knew there was an app for blogging?
Bear with me, we'll eventually work out
problems and get back to decent photos.
In the meantime, an attempt at posting!

Hilda Grace and James George have been
feeling the squeeze in their sons family home
so, when the opportunity arose for them to
have their own tiny home right next door
they joyfully began making plans.  Not wanting to 
spend all their savings at their time of life
they made the hard learned wartime slogan
"Make Do and Mend" their motto for their
new venture.  First an old iron bed was given
to them by an acquaintance who might
not recognise it now it has a new lease of life
with a coat of paint.  Next, great joy from Hilda
when an antique dressing chest, almost an exact
twin of my own Real Life one that Hilda loved,
was discovered in a shed at the bottom of the 
garden of their new home.  No problem for a
handy chap like James George to give it a 
clean up with some sandpaper and a couple of
coats of varnish to bring it back to respectability.
A wardrobe and a couple more items made their
new bedroom so comfortable they wanted to move
in!  There's plenty more for them to do yet with
decorating but they wanted to show what they've
achieved.  A chihuahua or two appear to have made
themselves at home too.  Please forgive the appalling photos,
they'll be replaced asap.