Going Potty

No need to make the obvious remark,
I already know I'm potty :)
Miniature potting is one of the many and varied symptoms .
And it's fun although not expertly done.

When you don't have what you want
and can't wait for the postman,
you try making your own.
Paper Clay is great though I'm not by any means much of a potter so we'll call them
Shabby Pots!!
and hopefully get away with the unique pot style ;)
I didn't have any of the little wooden pots this time so
these ones are all my own work.

The pansies were begging to be planted,
hence the potty potting.
Yes, I actually made the pansies.
Much holding of breath
and stress
and learning not to sigh.......
so you don't have to search far and wide for petals.
Regular followers will know I'm more than slightly challenged when it comes to miniature flora
so please critique my first miniature flowers made from a kit, I'd love to know how to detail them to make them as life-like as possible.
The kit was from
The african violet was a 'pot ready' gift that only needed
a home and I love the wee thing.
The floral tape aspidistra was made a couple of years ago,
please don't look too closely at the poor thing,
it's kinda embarrassed :(
about being made to pose and help fill out the frame.
At this rate the conservatory may well be finished this year!
I never seem to finish my own projects,
making the details is more to my ability than the structure
and the potty mind loves the variety of creating whatever comes to the imagination.