Seasons Greetings!

Wishing all the lovely people I've met in blogland
a wonderful 

Happy Christmas

Filled with family joy and peace.

Take a moment for yourself midst the bustle
and have a cup of tea and a piece of Christmas cake.

Teacosy made by myself,
cake from an Australian artist whose name escapes me,
it is decorated with Australian Christmas Bells,
a Native Australian plant which flowers around Christmas Time.


A Tribute to Talent


The Great Unveiling 

Of a Miniature Portrait

Two lovely and talented miniaturists agreed
to help make this miniature dream possible.
This post is a tribute to their talents,
Thank you both!

Robin and Gill

Robin makes wonderful humorous miniature characters,
she made all the people for my dollhouse.
I was thrilled when she agreed to a portrait commission.
Photos were sent and descriptions written....

Gill is a miniature artist whose work I've long admired,
I danced a jig when she said she'd step outside her comfort zone
and make something totally different.
Many photos, many measurements....

Much patience from both artists,
and the final result....

Our grandchildren call their grandfather Graff.
Robin excelled herself!!!
Everyone who meets MiniGraff instantly recognises him
and laughs :))

Gill exceeded all hopes!
She made the double spoked rear wheels herself
and even duplicated the webbed pushrim!!
The front castors actually turn!

 See the camber on the back wheels?
Gill included the tool pouch that hangs beneath the seat,
also the small leather knife pouch where you can just see the
red top of the folding knife peeping out.

and on the back is the Quickie Wheelchair logo
just like the RL wheelchair!

This is the RL version,
it's hard to tell which is the miniature isn't it?

MiniGraff will eventually inhabit a 'Man Cave'
much like his RL counterparts favourite place to hang out.
In the meantime, he's been visiting round the miniature scenes,
meeting people, horses and dogs,
and cuddling the babies.
He loves the babies!
Christopher was so comfortable he closed his
little eyes for a nap. 

Adelaide was happy to share her teddy with MiniGraff.

A toast to Robin and Gill
whose very talented hands created
a portrait which will become part of our family legend.


Additions to the Miniature Population

With thanks to
the lovely lady who made them!!

Lil in her new domain.

Much persuasion was needed to induce Lil
to emigrate Downunder.
Janet and Jim
were in dire need of some quality help
with their large family
so Robin was asked if she knew of a nice
trustworthy lady who might like to travel
and see a bit of the world 
and take up a position with our family.
Lil was consulted but she wasn't immediately convinced,
she had the possibility of a good position
coming available close to home.
Inducements of a well appointed kitchen
and the great Australian weather
didn't appear to be much help convincing Lil to leave England.
I had a very nervous weekend waiting to hear
what her final decision would be...
Joy when the news came through
that Lil would be coming!!
(Gossip had it Lil was persuaded to emigrate
only when she heard that her dear Vicar,
whom she'd
"done for"
for years,
had accepted a posting Downunder.)

The Vicar is visiting to chat with Young Jim
about christening arrangements for the babies.

Lil and the Vicar appear to have taken
"The long way round"
on their journey to Australia,
arriving many days later than expected.
Robin and I feared Lil had had her way with the Vicar
and the two of them eloped.
Perhaps we'd never see them again!
They eventually showed up,
nonchalantly unpacked themselves
and made themselves at home,
without forwarding any explanation 
re their tardiness.
The Vicar is saying nothing whatever of their whereabouts.
When questioned, Lil firmly closed her lips
around a tiny smile.

 As soon as
the new arrivals had been revived from their journey
with a good cup of tea,
a photo session was arranged
to commemorate the occasion
but Lil was nowhere to be seen.
A frantic hunt ensued.
Grave fears were held for her safety.
Miniature people are warned
on their arrival
of the danger of
Miniature-Eating Wolves
lurking about.
(Chihuahuas - who also eat miniature crochet)
To everyones great relief
she was found to have
skived off to the computer desk for a quiet fag
(a habit I hope I can break her of soon)
and wasn't happy  about being required
to pose for a photo.
Her mood improved markedly
when she was shown the kitchen
where she immediately donned her pinny
and set to work with mop and bucket.
Woe-betide anyone
who walks dirt through her domain

And finally,
our older teenage daughter.
A horse mad lass!
She wasted no time
but made a beeline for the stable
to feed her horse an apple,
give him a good brush down
and pop a saddle on him for
a lovely ride.


Why this is an Award Free Blog

has said what I feel so much better than I can express myself.

I want to thank all of my followers
and especially all who leave comments,
without you there would be little reason
to share my humble creations.


The Current Fur Family

It's been quite a while since I mentioned
the Furkids,
so I thought I'd share a recent photo of my darlings.

The current family keeping my seat warm for me!
Four wonderful, eccentric, joyous

The Whinnying White Ninny
(white with chocolate nose)

Flossie Flannel Drawers
(Fawn with chocolate sabling, chocolate nose and white bib)

Freddy Frog
(Fawn with black sabling)

The Blonde Bomber
(Fawn and white, her sabling has faded with age)

They are my constant companions,
wherever I am, they also can be found.
The specially love to 'help' me crochet ;)
A lovely warm doggie blanket in winter,
not so welcome in summer!

When there were eight.

We have sadly lost four of our little troop
in the past couple of years.
The loss of a loved pet is such a private grief
don't you think?
It's especially difficult to lose a young one.
was only 4 years old when she was diagnosed earlier this year
with Glaucoma.
Removal of her beautiful eyes was not an option
for this outrageous, energetic
Wild Child,
she would have suffered severe depression.
Choosing blindness for her would have been
a much easier decision for us
than choosing euthanasia
but knowing well the difficulties of life of a blind member
of a pack of dogs
and taking into consideration
our beloved Furbaby's age and personality,
we could not do that to her.

Vale my precious George,
we miss you.


Collaboration between Friends

Remember this gown from a few posts back?
A lovely and clever friend embroidered it,
hasn't she made it special?
She also made the doll,
a very talented lady!

She also did the embroidery on this Heidi Ott crawler doll romper.


Welcome Downunder Bella Mouse!

Recently I was stunned to find that I'd
won a most beautiful give away

Bella Mouse arrived
I am so delighted with her
and utterly gobsmacked
at the perfection of her dear little face
and lovely clothes!
Thankyou so much

Lucy and Annabelle

for your kind generosity,
you have warmed my heart.

When Robin heard that the postman had left a parcel
all the way from the USA
she knew instantly whom the parcel was for
and jumped out of the bath in great excitement!

(remember she was having a bath 
in our last visit to the dollhouse?)

She grabbed a dressing gown
and quickly wrapped herself in it
and flew down the stairs, 
nearly tripping in her haste and excitement,
into the lounge room
and unwrapped
the tiny and most gorgeous
Bella Mouse!
Bella grabbed up her wee basket and purse
so they wouldn't be lost midst the chaos
and plonked them on the couch
while she and Robin hugged one another
and danced around the room.
Robin could barely speak she was so happy
at meeting her new friend.
When they began to be dizzy
Robin sat on the lounge with Bella on her knee,
she couldn't bear to be parted from her special friend
for even a second.
(I must admit myself to having a little tear in my eye
seeing their happiness together)

Poor Bella was a little jet lagged at first
but a heartening cup of tea set her to rights quickly.
When she was feeling revived
she told us her journey had been quite comfortable
and she hadn't been travel sick at all 
but she is very pleased to be on terra firma again.
The upside-down weather had her a trifle puzzled
as it had been warm when she set out
on her journey.
On arriving in the Land Downunder
she was very glad she'd packed her warm coat
although the sun is bright and the birds are singing happily,
it is mid-winter in her new homeland
and quite cool.

Robin and Bella fell in love instantly they saw one another,
the smile on Robins face says it all!
One of the dogs seems to have fallen for sweet Bella as well ;)
Robins pet rattie Camilla
(aka Milla)
thought she might be a tiny bit jealous of the newcomer
who was receiving so much attention
but Bella is such a gracious and sweet person
that they've become best friends already.

As for myself, I too am under the spell of
Sweet Bella Mouse.
I can't believe my luck in winning such a wonderful
Give Away and can't say thankyou enough.
Bella is loved by all,
and will be a treasured member
of the dollhouse family.


Belly Button Baby Cradle

Midget is an obliging little babe,
here she is happily showing the size of one of
beautiful rocking cradles,
a perfect fit!

  She's modelling bonnet, knickers and bootees
made in vintage cream
to match the vintage style cradle.

And a shawl made in the matching cream.


7 Little Australians

The Continuing Tale of the Dollhouse Family.

The lovely
and talented
Coombe Crafts
recently completed the rest of our dollhouse family,
so here we have a little of their story.

Each of these little people has been named
with my own families names.
We have a couple of sets of twins in the extended family
and the name Robin appears twice
so together with the creator of the
Dollhouse Family
being also Robin, we of course had to have a Robin.
Hilda Grace and James George
are an amalgamation of family characters.
James/Jim is so often used
my mother used to say-
"We have old Jim and young Jim
and young Jim's son Jim
and baby Jim as well."
True Story!
I've had so much fun endowing these little people
with characters and names
in memory of loved ones
and Robin has given them faces to go with their character.

Well, enough history, on with current events.

Mum Janet has been enjoying the warmth
of the late autumn afternoon sun
on the upper balcony
reading to the 3 year old twins 
Pip and Pippa.

Dad Jim arrives home from work
and knows where to find his family
so he's headed straight upstairs
after a quick pat for a couple of the dogs.
Jim owns a small bus company.
He started out driving buses when he first arrived Downunder.
He saved very hard and, 
thanks to a loan from his dear Dad,
he was able to buy his first bus.
With good management,
being handy and doing his own repair work,
he now has the beginnings of a fleet of buses.

A hug for his wife and a pat on the head
for Pip who has run to greet him.

G'day to Gran and Granddad
who have also been enjoying the weather.
Looks like Granddad is hoping for a game of chess
with his son before they have tea.
One of the 8 month old twin babies has woken from an afternoon sleep
so Gran brought her upstairs for some fresh air.
She is excited to see Daddy!

Young Jim has been looking for his slingshot,
it must have been on the seat beside Mum!
He's glad to have it back in his possession,
that annoying little brother would love to get his hands on it ;)
Oh, no, Pip is playing with Young Jim's billy-cart!

He's going to get a good scolding from big brother!

Pippa is the quiet one of the three year old twins,
she's happy to play dollies
and enjoy the company of the bunnies
and the chihuahuas.

The two older girls are sharing a bath
after their busy day at school.
You can see Robins pet rat
sitting patiently on the chair
waiting for her to cuddle him again.
Sissy is horse mad but she doesn't bring her horse
into the bathroom!
With so many
Little Australians
in the family,
Robin and Sissy know it pays to get in early!

The sun is sinking quickly
and the evening chill will soon
send our family indoors for their evening meal
and later,
some happy time sharing the events
of their day.

It's evident that
7 Little Australians
will be
8 Little Australians
in a few months!
Janet and Jim don't mind another mouth to feed,
they always wanted a large family
and they love their brood.
(I can't help thinking two sets of twins is enough though,
lets hope the new arrival is a single!)
Gran and Granddad are reveling
in their life with their loved ones.


A New Cupboard for the Modern Kitchen

It's a couple of years since Real Life allowed time
for creative thinking and putting ideas together,
when I found myself with half a day free and
nothing desperately calling for attention,
I played!!
Bashing cupboard doors out,
fitting paper to the back,
finding pretty things
for the shelves.
Miniature time at its best.
I don't like the drawer/tray in the lower right opening
so it hasn't been painted.
Any suggestions what I can put there instead?


A Gift from Lidi

Look what I brought home from
The Great Miniaturist Get-together :)
A very detailed waste basket!!

Isn't it lovely?
How lucky I feel simply being able to see Lidi's baskets,
I drool over every one of  her designs,
but to own them is such pleasure!
It actually lives in my dollhouse but I couldn't get a decent
photo of it there, there isn't enough light in that room,
so the stable agreed to host the photo shoot.

I could easily just collect one of each of Lidi's designs
for the sheer pleasure of looking at them,
without including them in scenes.


I've had a Lovely Day!

I had the chance to meet a lovely blogger
and her equally lovely husband
and charming son
yesterday :)
We had known one another from miniature groups
and blogs for quite a long time so it was amazing to finally
meet face to face.

does quarter scale to perfection and she brought
half a dozen of her tiny treasures to show me.
I've often said it's hard to pick the scale of Sandies work in photos
and seeing them up close in Real Life was certainly not disappointing!
It was a real treat to see such beautifully made little cottages
with the most gorgeous tiny furniture you could imagine.
Thanks Sandie.

Today we got together again and went to visit Lidi
and spent a couple of hours looking at her paperclay buildings.
I never tire of seeing Lidi's artwork.
The conversation was all miniatures!
Such a treat for me to meet another miniaturist.

My blog has been quiet for a while,
I've been busy making Midget a new dress but
I didn't want to show it until Sandie got to see the one I made for her.


Some New Treasure

As you probably know,
I love collecting beautiful artistmade

as I've not had much of my own work to share lately,
I thought I'd share some photos
of recent additions to my collection.

Around Christmas time
Adelaide and Christopher
found they needed a new brother and sister.

This is
Little Dot,
about 2 3/4"long, squished into Midgets cot.
Adelaide has loaned her a play suit
but it's a trifle on the tight side!

Adelaide and Little Dot get on well together.

Next we have
Also squished into Midgets cot.
He's not in the least concerned that he's 'naked'!

Henry and Christopher have something in common,
they both enjoy a good snooze!
I absolutely love Alicia's OOAK babies!

Next aquisition via ebay
is for the stable.
I'm gobsmacked by the craftsmanship of this set.
The riding crop is a perfect rendition.
That crash hat is silk lined!
And the boots are beautiful thin leather
made to appear well loved.....
I do love them!!!!

Then along came another exquisite
handmade miniature
to tantalise!
One of
little dollies.
Adelaide took one peek
and claimed her for her own.

And last but most certainly not least,
a recent exciting parcel arrived
I've loved Christines miniature toys
for a long time,
they're her own unique style
with such appealing little personalities.
This little bear spoke to me
and said it belonged with Midget!


Midget and Gidget

For the benefit of new readers,
the gown that Midget is wearing
was inspired by a Doris Thurlow design.

Today is the first day that feels like autumn,
It feels soooo good :)
Enthusiasm returns,
get the camera out and
do some pics!!

A few weeks ago,
acquired a twin sister.
Her name is
(what else?)

Here they are together.
Gidget never cries.
Midget is a sweet natured baby too ;)
I really love these little ones!
Midget gave Gidget her christening layette to wear
while she waited patiently for some clothes.
Poor naked baby!

Meantime I started working out
a layette for Midget
using finer thread than the previous set
that I'd done as part of the swap for
Midget and Gidget.
With the finer thread I thought I'd try crocheting the entredeaux
instead of using the machine made type.
It turned out quite well,
a bit smaller than the bought version.

Here she is in her

In her petticoat.

And in her gown.

Not ready for a sleep?
Play time.


Midgets Bed

Finally the wee mite has somewhere to lay her sweet
head but she isn't very sleepy right now.