Recent fun and something special

When my daughter said she was going to make play dough for the kids I said why not make cold porcelain?  She has never been interested in miniatures but is very talented and I hoped she might enjoy "playing" with the porcelain dough too!  The results can be seen in the pictures below.

I'm proud to have some of the pink roses for my dollhouse!  I think they're very special.  The trugs and tool boxes were made with grandkids during school holidays.  No.2 grandson made the brown toolbox for brushes etc. for his stable, the one with cleaning products was made by grandson no.3 (with a little assistance) for his kitchen.  As you can see I'm experimenting with different finishes.


Buttons Makes his Debut

A new card reader has been obtained, Yay!!  Thanks goes to my other half for his persistence!  As promised, pics!

This is Buttons.  He is 17mm or 11/16ths" tall (or short, depending on your perspective) and is 5way jointed.  He comes in this little basket. 

And a hint of what 2nd and 3rd winners will receive.

The wooden basket can be painted or left unpainted for the winner to finish themselves.


Give away and old photos

One of the reasons I've not been sharing much is that during our home upheaval I've lost the card reader for my camera to upload photos, Vista won't talk to my poor old camera.  I've lived in hope of finding the reader but hope has faded with emptying the final boxes of junk/household necessities.  So, I must do something about replacing it or installing a permanent one in the computer very soon, not being able to share is very boring.  I'm dying to show the results of recent time spent with grandkids!

No card reader means no photo of my
give away :(((  I'm so sorry!!  I hope a description will suffice.  The first name drawn will receive a crocheted bear called Buttons, he is very closely related to Butterscotch who can be seen here  Buttons has his own little comfort blanket to take with him to his new home.  Second and third names drawn will receive a crocheted surprise, shabby chic style.

The draw is open to anyone who has commented on this blog previously and who says a quick hi on this post.  I love all your comments so your name will be included as many times as your previous number of comments, to show my appreciation.  I will make the draw on the last day of April during the evening Australian time.

Till I can share new pics, here are some old ones.


Happy Easter Friends

Remember the reason, enjoy family time and eat Easter Eggs!

Pssst!  (whispering) I'm miniature crocheting again :)  Couldn't hold out any longer, house settling can wait a little.  What am I making?  Heheh, now that would be giving things away a little too soon............that's right, it's a give away!  Watch this space.