My Excellent Adventure in Paperclay

I'm a guinea pig!

Another self portrait I hear you ask?
Heheh, ;))
that's Cheryl, a furfriend of mine.

My Excellent Adventure?
I'm the guinea pig trialling a miniature workshop!

Courtesy of a wonderful friend
and most talented lady...

Lidi Stroud 

I absolutely never dreamed of learning paperclay.
A workshop is beyond my capabilities.
to have this opportunity is beyond my wildest dreams!!

Lidi is kindly giving me this workshop
one morning a week over a few weeks.
To say I was scared to death of not coping
with the work would be an understatement.

Lesson One

The kit.
A mysterious pile of loot!

Gatorboard walls
Pastry board and roller
Clay tools
Door and window frames

First we knead the paperclay
and roll it out.

Then it goes onto a wall
and the brickwork is marked.
I got one wall done during the lesson
and had two more walls for homework.

Close up of the bricks,
still damp.

I found the work very physically demanding
but not impossible
and now I know what is involved
I'll be able to practise this technique at home
when RL allows.

I am seriously slow at learning new things so believe me when I say
Anyone could do this!!
Given a talented and generous teacher who will start you on your own
Excellent Adventure :)))

Thankyou so much my dear and generous friend,
you'll never know what this gift means to me,
being a guinea pig is my biggest
miniature adventure ever!