Minipig Play Date - or - A Fun School Holiday Project

No.3 grandson is passionate about his real life guinea pigs
Percy and Jasper
 naturally ;)
he found some Minipigs in his
Christmas Stocking.
His comment was
"Wouldn't it be neat if we did a
Miniature Guinea Pig Play Date Scene,
so we did.
Of course, in real life, boy guinea pigs
mostly prefer to have only one male friend
but Minipigs get on splendidly in larger groups ;)

While I worked on the play pen
Grandson made the Pigloo

Piggies love new experiences.
Percy and Jasper did some excited zoomies
and then settled down to the serious business of
filling their tummies.
Cheryl and Kevin both being elderly chaps
thought the pigloo looked comfy
and strolled over to take up residence
and as for young Alf,
after some youthful popcorning,
(which is another thing excited piggies enjoy)
he did what he always does,
he teased everyone.
That's him trying to fit 3 piggies inside a two piggie pigloo.

We used mat board 3 3/4" square for the base,
1/8" square wood for posts and coffee stirrers for rails,
some sort of fuzzy fabric for the grass,
mat board, light card and 1/8" dowel for the pigloo
and raffia as miniature oaten hay.


A Late But Very Happy New Year!

A little late but nevertheless
Happy New Year
to all from

(you can click on their names to find who made them)

Are they cute or what?!!!
Cheryl is on the left in his blue snuggle sack,
Kevin is sharing with Alf in the purple sack.

Some of the dollhouse children have been
giving the piggies lap time on the lounge
but it looks like they've left the picture for a moment!
Luckily piggies love their snuggle sacks
and are happy to stay safe and warm and not
get up to mischief with Mothers embroidery.
The dollhouse chihuahuas like the piggies.

Actually, the Real Life chihuahuas share
Real Life Cheryl and Alfies fresh salads
and the guinea pigs have no fear of them.

These miniature guinea pigs are an endangered species,
they are not going to be available when current stock is sold
so if you love piggies go and peek!
Grateful thanks to Katie for fulfilling the dream
of having my precious wheekers in miniature.

Sadly, the real life Kevin is no longer with us but
 how wonderful to have
Miniature Kevin
to help keep his memory alive.