Hilda Grace Does Zen

Hullo my dear friends,
if you're still here, thank you for your patience!

Yes, that's right, Hilda Grace has been zen crocheting ;-)
She loves the Aussie Summer about as much as I do,
which is not at all.
The heat drives away thoughts of miniature threadwork,
enter zen crochet - simple, calming and repetitive.
It helps if you can create something useful whilst zen hooking!

Hilda Grace and I put our heads together and decided
we could both use a potholder.

That's one of Lidi's baskets,
perfect for apples!
The cat is rather ho-hum about the whole thing ;)

Mine is made from pre-loved 100% wool that I had on hand,
Hilda Grace has more choice so she went with colours
to match her Daffodil Teacosy.

Apologies for the foggy photos,
my camera lense is fogged up with the humidity,
it doesn't like summer either ;)

RL dogs are getting pushy about their dinner
and I'll try not to be so long saying G'day next time!!