Sharing Something Special

Time has slipped by this year,
eaten up with the mundane things of life unfortunately,
but then............a large parcel arrived
with a tiny tiny gift inside.
A gift from a special lady who has been a great friend
for a lot of years.
Thank you Lynne!!

This tiny gift has made me get my creativity out of mothballs,
dust it off and check if it still works :)
It is a trifle rusty, creaking a little, is working :))
and I've had such fun making pictures this morning!

Ok, ok,
so you need to see the special gift???
Without further ado, let me introduce.....

Little Baby!

In her favourite spot, being cuddled by her new daddy.
Isn't she gorgeous?!!

The very talented Lucy Maloney made her.
Over the years I've drooled over Lucy's creations
but could never decide which of our numerous canines
should be represented in miniature,
so I always set aside the thoughts for further contemplation.
How very kind is my friend Lynne
to think of asking Lucy to make our special Little Baby!
No need for more contemplation,
the perfect miniature chihuahua is here!!
Thank you Lucy, and thank you Lynne.
I couldn't be happier!
Little Baby is so like Real Life Baby it's eery.
Lucy has magic fingers,
 working from a photo she somehow manages to capture
not only the look of,
but also the personality of her subjects.
I might be biased but I think Little Baby is the best!

To set the background for Little Baby,
a few months ago we were asked to adopt another chihuahua,
a real life chihuahua,
a very special little girl.
Unplanned parenthood can be rather daunting
but one look at our new baby and we were besotted,
no question,
she had her forever home.
She is niece to our Freddy Frog and his sister Georgie
who we lost so tragically to glaucoma a couple of years ago.
Baby is every bit as wild as our beautiful Georgie was
so it wasn't hard to love her!
We were having difficulties with the name she came to us with,
it was too similar to another of the dogs names
but finding a new name wasn't easy,
we found ourselves calling her the Baby and it has stuck.

Baby settled right in with our dog pack
and made friends immediately with the guinea pigs.

Waiting patiently...

Whatcha doing little Baby?

I'm very busy waiting for my friend to come out and play.

Oh darn it, if he won't come out, I'll just have to join him ;)

And Miniature Baby loves playing with
Miniature Alf and Noddy 
in their playpen pigloo too!

Miniature Baby likes having the Minipigs on the lounge
as much as Real Life Baby does but I forgot to take a photo
so we only have the miniature one.

Can you tell how much fun I had playing this morning?
Bye for now and I hope you like Little Baby as much as I do :)