Give-Away Winners

We have a winner!
I asked the 500th person who joined my blog,
who is also a RL friend,
if she would make the draw for me.
She agreed so I printed everyones  names
and put them in a bowl
and plodded off round the corner
and she did the honours for us!

Thanks Wen!!
Two followers will recognise their Mums' hands :)

Stiring the pot!

One name chosen.

Congratulations Helen and I hope you like your teacosy!
Please email me with a postal address as soon as possible.
This is the french blue and white cosy.

And another name is chosen!
Congratulations Lina!
I hope you like this little red and white cosy.
Please contact me as soon as possible with your postal address.

Thanks to everyone who entered.


Current Entries

Here are the names of all who have entered the give away
as they appear on the post.
If a name is repeated
it is because that person commented on the
3 previous posts showing teacosies.
If your name isn't in the left hand column
and you want to enter,
please add your comment to the give-away post.
The draw will be made as close to
5.00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time
as I can manage.
You have 15 hours to add your name
in the draw at the Give-Away post.
Good luck everyone!
Final entries.


500 Followers Give Away

just became the 500th follower here.
That somebody is a lovely RL friend
who came and fixed my computer this morning.
There I was, cut off from my blog-world,
feeling blue....
when the computer fairy came and
waved her wand
(actually, much hard work)
and I could visit my friends again.
I happened to mention getting close to 500 followers here
and the next thing I know,
499 turned to 500!
A warm welcome to every one of you
and thanks for all the lovely comments
so freely given.

It's been a while since there was a
lets celebrate 500!!!

this is a surprise give-away,
no photos.
No Photos?!!!
Do you trust me?
Will you enter a give-away without knowing
what you're in for?
one little hint.
It's a teacosy.
French Blue and White.
There will be a second prize too.
Yep, another teacosy.
That one is red trimmed with white.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post.
All the lovely people who have commented
on the teacosies in previous posts will get another entry.

better mention that the draw will be on
the last day of this month!


If you're fed up with Teacosies....

Don't bother looking at this post.
Apologies for repeating myself but,
I'm enjoying making these tiny morsels of colour.

This Shabby Chic Green cosy made for a friend.


Breakfast in the Dollhouse

I finally got courage to put together and paint
the toaster kit I'd bought for the dollhouse.
Knowing my previous failures with painting metal
I was really unsure of how to go about it.
Elizabeth at Studio E recommends nail polish
for lots of dollhouse details
so I tried that first....
it chipped off as it dried :((
time to try Tamiya Metal Primer.
That stayed on and gave me hope!
Tamiya Gloss Black over the Primer,
hold breath, cross fingers.
And I love this toaster!


Tea Rose?

Some more tea cosy fun.

With one of Kim's delicious cakes.



"It's Unique", I said.
"It looks like something U-Neek Up On,
with the Round-Up"
he said.