More Paperclay

Lesson no. 2
The fun begins!!

Art was never my strong point but we go slowly and build up layers of paint.

Here is the inside of the left wall
showing some nice cracks.
Still needing some more layers to add depth
and dimension.

The back wall didn't crack :(
Never mind, there will be plenty of other details to hold the eye.
During art lessons at school,
while everyone else was drawing and painting,
I was making slab sided pots
to grow my bonsais in.
The teacher seemed ok with this arrangement ;)
I had fun and he didn't have to tear his hair out over
my stick figures!
I'm smiling all over my silly head
about managing to produce
some brick-like walls.

Thankyou again Lidi!!!
You are not only talented but also a very patient teacher ;)