Update of Emma Rose's Shabby wardrobe

I couldn't find my old coathanger jig so had to find time to make a new one before hanging Emma Rose's clothes in her wardrobe.  Gold wire was all I could find in my stash, not the best choice for a shabby baby, they can be replaced later.  The little matinee jackets were knitted by a dear friend but I made the rest.


  1. OOo that looks so cute!
    Did you knit some of those items as well Sus!
    This robe is delightful!

  2. I am sitting here laughing because I have made many mini coat hangers and never once thought of making a jig!! How much easier my life will be now!
    The shabby wardrobe is just beautiful.

  3. Thanks for such lovely comments!! No, I rarely knit in miniature, it gives me golfers elbow.
    I made the crocheted clothes, a friend made the two knitted matinee jackets on the left of the hanging rail. Not terribly visible, I'll do photos of the clothes tomorrow. I'll post a tutorial on how I made the jig as well.

  4. Its really pretty, I love the little dresses and bits and bobs on the shelf. I really wish I could crochet, but alas, I get so far then get stuck!
    Julia xx

  5. Julia, I think it's the way crochet patterns are written that makes crochet hard. I can't really follow a pattern, I have to make my own up as I go along. Have a look at my flickr album for some more crochet.

  6. The wardrobe is SO lovely. And thanks for the tip re the jig! If you don't like the 'gold' hangers how about buying a little pot of white Humbrol at your local hobby shop and painting them, seems like a lot of trouble to go to the replace them just because of the colour.

  7. Glad you like the wardrobe Norma, thanks for the lovely comment. Heheh, I thought about painting the hangers but that's as far as I got!