Recent fun and something special

When my daughter said she was going to make play dough for the kids I said why not make cold porcelain?  She has never been interested in miniatures but is very talented and I hoped she might enjoy "playing" with the porcelain dough too!  The results can be seen in the pictures below.

I'm proud to have some of the pink roses for my dollhouse!  I think they're very special.  The trugs and tool boxes were made with grandkids during school holidays.  No.2 grandson made the brown toolbox for brushes etc. for his stable, the one with cleaning products was made by grandson no.3 (with a little assistance) for his kitchen.  As you can see I'm experimenting with different finishes.


  1. Wow, those flowers are beautiful. I think I need to investigate this cold porcelain stuff....

    All the little trugs and tool boxes are fabulous - looks like a love of minis is running thru the generations :)

  2. You should be indeed very proud of how beautiful and well done are the minis!!!
    Please congratula them!!

  3. Those little flowers are cute and I luv those little tool boxes and wooden baskets they are cute too

    I have heard a bit about Cold porcelain what is the mixture exactly?

  4. Estan genial!!!
    Que maravilla, parecen tan reales.
    Enhorabuena a tu hija
    besitos ascension

  5. It al looks lovely! the roses are wonderful and I love the toolboxes!

  6. WOW.. great stuff!!! The roses are devine!!!
    And those boxes are just great!!
    Have a lovely weekend :D
    Synnøve :)

  7. Oh wow! Such lovely comments, thankyou all for taking time to look and comment!! I'll show my daughter and grandkids.

    Deni, the cold porcelain is a mix of pva glue, corn flour, glycerine and sorbolene cream. When it dries it's surprisingly strong.

    Warm hugs,

  8. I would luv to try that, I have heard a lot of folks mentioning it!
    Have to get the recipe sometime, I am sure it would be easy to find on the net wouldn't have time right now! too many other things on the burner lol
    thank you Sus

  9. I'll give you the recipe Deni. I have a couple of different ones.

  10. What exactly is cold porcelain? The roses look fantastic, so do the trugs, you must have passed on your talents to your grandchildren.

  11. Aw, thanks Kim, your comments are always appreciated coming from such an accomplished miniaturist.

    Hi Margaret, cold porcelain is made from pva glue, corn flour, glycerine and sorbolene cream. I can let you have the recipes if you'd like. Unlike the talented Kim I'm hopeless with polyclay, it sticks to me and turns into slime!! I found I could work the cold porcelain though not with the talent of my daughter.


  12. Ok I will have the one that works the best then lol
    I need all the help I can get!!!