Great Excitement!

A dear friend called in today with the most amazing gift for me. 
How lucky am I?  The luckiest person in the world!!
Thankyou Lidi!!!

Moon Shadow has "clothes"!!  He was a bit jealous when my grandsons horse got a saddle for Christmas ;)  Now he feels all smart!
Shadow is very proud of his new dressage saddle with double buckled girth and bridle with egg butt bit and cavesson, see him arching his neck and showing off for the camera.

The RL size horse shoe is a memento from the rear hoof of my beloved Thoroughbred - Black Prince - who I rode as a teenager a long time ago ;) 

Lidi recently was awarded IGMA Artisan status, she will be at Miniatura in October with her unique baskets.  Please visit her web shop and flickr photo album to see her wares.


  1. Es una verdadera maravilla!!!!!!
    Gracias por el enlace
    besitos ascension

  2. What a special and beautiful gift!

  3. wow Susan- what a beautiful gift! Moon Shadow does look quite proud :)

  4. Wow! He is stunning! And Lidi's baskets are wonderful--I enjoy seeing them on CDHM!

    What a dear friend to you!


  5. Isn't it the most wonderful saddle and bridle set? I was absolutely stunned by Lidi's gift and so was Moon Shadow, he thought he'd been left out when my grandsons horse got a saddle for christmas! Now Moon Shadow is demanding I get to and finish the stables.

  6. Moon Shadow is delighted with his new acquisition, I'm sure he felt that to be left naked was well below his station in life - he's got that slightly haughty look about him :) What a fabulously thoughtful gift.

    Lidi's baskets are just incredible!