The Phantom Stable Update

Stable Mk2.  I guess this stable seems like a phantom, heard but not seen so here is proof it exists. 
 No.1 was discarded due to the effects of vinegar and steel wool bug juice warping the timber and the acidity levels remaining may have had an effect on the contents, particularly the horse. 
This project is slow going with real life interfering with available time.

With the acrylic front and roof in place.  Roof needs a skylight insert.


Loose box.  Twisted wire forms the hinges on the gate.

Tack and feed room.  Inner walls are pegged for strength.

Feed trough.

Made and painted by the 13year old owner.  The only help he had was with inserting the wire in the rim which bends into hooks for hanging.

Tool boxes and crate made and painted by 13year old.  He had a tiny bit of help with the metal tin of nails.


  1. Absolutely gorgous - knew it would look amazing though. Hope you are okay? Will email this weekend (been lke you!)

  2. Es una escena preciosa, me encantan todos los detallitos.
    besitos ascension

  3. It looks so nice- he is doing such a great job on this- what a fabulous miniaturist this young man is!!! My projects have been slow going too- sometimes real life doesn't agree with our plans :)

  4. Interested to hear your experience with the steel wool and vinegar, I was thinking of using this method.

    Stable looking cute! Well done the teenager.

  5. It's awesome Susan, and well done to your grandson!

    I remember your 'bug juice experience'. Apart from the warping aspects the acidity is an interesting issue.

  6. Es una escena muy original. Fantástica

  7. G'day all you lovely people who have made such nice comments about this project. It's great fun, I just wish it was mine! ;) For once I actually did cut out two roomboxes at the same time so I could make one for me but with the mess up to the original it looks like I dip out again :( Oh well, sometime.....

    Thanks for looking Ascension, you are very sweet.

    Hey Laura, you doing ok? Be nice to hear from you.

    I'd appreciate your thoughts on the acidity issue Norma.

    You'll give this young lad a swelled head Kim! I think he's very talented too, smarter than the average bear ;) but I'm a bit biased about my grandson!

    Janice, I've heard you can seal the bugjuice under a few coats of good varnish but of course I didn't want the varnished look with this rustic project and I really didn't want to run the risk of residual acidity being non-archival and, in time, reacting with the plastic of that expensive collectible horse.

  8. What a lovely stable and amazing horse, your grandson has done really well with it.

  9. hey you're back least for a little bit :-)

    I love it...phantom stable lol.

    I see it is for a young refreshing to see a boy at his age interested in this.

  10. Un planteamiento perfecto. Si que es una pena que no tengamos más tiempo para nuestra afición. Paso a paso la irás terminando.
    Besos Clara

  11. Re the acidity issue, given that the golden rule of archiving (and given that we generally put so much time into our miniature projects that we want them to last and last the principles of 'archiving' apply I think) is to keep everything ph neutral. There's even a lot of discussion regarding using foam core board as some of it gives off gases that aren't ph neutral. I guess vinegar based bug juice has it's uses but I think I'd confine it to very small areas.

  12. Yes Norma, I think the acidity issue would make items non-archival. I found an article from that appears to support not using acid based products in miniatures though it may be ok to use externally such as on shingles.

  13. La Hipica, los caballos que amor siento por ellos...
    Un abrazo