Trashy Treasure

Sometimes it's good to be forced into inactivity.  I can vouch that painting is good therapy and finishing up a small project is even better therapy.
These shelves were finished a long time ago but getting around to painting them was another matter.  They're made from icy pole sticks, tongue depressors and some oddments of scrap wood.  I tried to match the colour of the kitchen set, didn't quite manage that but who cares?  It's all about the fun!

I'm under orders to make a cabinet to fit the back corner on the right.  The 9 year old owner of this roombox also has a long list pinned to the fridge, of many more details to be made - curtains, pet dishes, dog basket, cat litter tray, plant, pictures for the walls etc.


  1. Esta quedando preciosa la cocina... los anaqueles increibles!

  2. Those cabnets are great! I love the design. Teresa

  3. Hi Susan - your little shelves are amazing! Cannot believe you made them from all those bits & pieces! Well done! I myself have trouble getting my own mini jobs done - so I am in awe of you tackling & finishing jobs for other little owners! Best of luck with all the other jobs on the 'to do list'! :) x

  4. The shelves came out really great! SO is the kitchen. I love that you have a list from the owner of what needs to be done to complete this. That is too cute! LOL

  5. Hello Susan,
    beautiful this roombox, the baby is so lucky to live in that beautiful kitchen.
    and thank goodness you were not in the prime of your activity?!
    compliments, however I like the colors a lot!

  6. what a fun roombox! So much to look at :) I think you matched the color pretty darn well!! I keep clicking the pic larger to see all the details- very nice!

  7. Thanks for looking everyone, the lad will be happy.

    Building roomboxes is a great way of spending time with grandchildren, we talk and laugh a lot. The trouble is, they become very discerning miniaturists in a very short time! Every year I ask my grandies do they want toys, cash or miniatures for birthday or Christmas, they often choose to be surprised with miniatures for their roomboxes.

  8. The kitchen is amazing, and I love the shelves you made. The color is perfect.

  9. La cocina está preciosa. Tiene todos los detalles. Los estantes nuevos muy bien terminados. Me encanta.
    Besos Clara

  10. The kitchen is excellent in all details!! lovely! - and the light coming down from above makes it sing!!
    Thinking of skylights in my houses, now . . .
    I think the idea of a list on the fridge (from me to me) might be a good one, or maybe a list on the toilet wall - when my girls were little I put up the maths times tables on the loo wall, and they learned it quite quickly!

  11. Maravilloso trabajo,felicidades.

  12. Oh I just luv those shelves they look just perfect there
    uyour so clever!