A Furry Happy Christmas

Decorate the Christmas Tree with cute ornaments.

What's the fuss?
Blonde Bomber.

Watching from a safe distance.
Freddy Frog and the Whinnying White Ninny.

Give me a break, I'm too old to get excited!

Bah Humbug!  I'll hide under a pillow till the fuss is over.
Flossie Flannel Drawers.

Happy Christmas to all who share the season and to their furry loved ones from me and my beloved fuzzbutts.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful laugh this morning and merry Christmas to you and your fuzzbutts! :-D

  2. OMYGosh they're absolutely adorable! A couple were very brave to parade around decorated up! LOL! So sweet!

  3. Grandkids found decorating George was way more fun than decorating the Christmas tree Christine!!

    George thought she was a bit special all dressed up and sparkling Carolyn, she paraded around in front of the other dogs showing off with a triumpant smile on her cheeky face.

  4. Oh Susan they are such adorable babies. You do live in heaven.

  5. They look so cute Susan, we mustn't forget them at Christmas, hope you all have a Merry one!

  6. Your furbabies are so sweet Sus, thanks so much for sharing these photos with us - what a lovely idea! George is such a showoff!

  7. Merry Christmas to you!! George is so cute!!!

  8. Very cute, Susan!George looks good in blue!LOL

  9. Susan, how cute - bet George thought she was definitely the 'top dog' and adore the last photo - Flossie Flannel Drawers!

  10. George is special all the time and blue does suit her Casey! and she is a bit of a show off Bev. They're all special, I'm so lucky to have had all my furkids. My tiny taste of heaven Doc :) Haha Laura, I let them all think they're 'top dog'! - but I'm really the top dog ;)) Floss is a hoot most of the time, very opinionated but she loves people.

    We often have comments about how friendly they all are, people expect to be bitten by chihuahuas. Our vets are always surprised that they don't get bitten.

    They all have "real" names but are generally called by their nicknames as suits their personalities.

    The Whinnying White Ninny is a mummy's boy. If he can't see me he whinnies till he works himself up to a full yodel, hence his nickname. Crikey I laughed when the vet rang us requesting we pick him up 4 hours early, after he had his teeth cleaned....The vet then vacated the building with a headache leaving the vet nurse to deal with him till I arrived!!!! Ninny's daddy says he's a disgrace to the family name but Nin doesn't let that stop him whinnying!

    There's always a reason to laugh when you have furbabies isn't there? Glad to have given you a laugh Christine.

  11. What lovely furry friends you have! I have one bossy Siamese who is a handful enough for me, she's aptly named Diva! I hope your other half soon gets well with your expert nursing! Merry Christmas. Gill

  12. Son guapisimos , me recuerdan muchisimo a los mios .

    Felicidades por esas preciosidades ¡¡¡