Long Absence...

Not much time to post of late but keeping up with
all your beautiful blogs
during spare moments keeps me almost on the level ;)  
Do I suffer from insanity?  No, I enjoy it! 

Also enjoying cooking.

Croissants, brandy custard and prunes - upmarket bread and butter pudding - a fave with family!

 And making soap - perfume and additive free.  No photo, it's still maturing.

And knitting RL size dish cloths when my hands are shaking too much for miniatures.

Knitting dish cloths is addictive. 
 Zen knitting my friend Bev calls it,
automatic movements that let your mind roam free.

There have been some moments for miniatures.

Pink for my kitchen. 
Enamel mugs for no.2 grandsons stable.

Egg carton pavers for the stable.

Grandson made a planter box and I had help building a Feed Bin.

Pet dishes made by no.3 grandson for his kitchen while he was off school with Chickenpox. 
That lad is good with poly clay!
And a cat bed made by me.
 Second set of dishes made by me for the stable because no.2 grandson didn't have chickenpox
......and had to go to school!

Yellow for grandsons kitchen.

Just small projects for my butterfly mind.


  1. Susan, it's nice to see you here. Missed you. That bread pudding looks wonderful. The stable is coming along nicely.

  2. You're really busy!
    I love the stable and gadgets for the kitchen, beautiful!

  3. The mini mugs and pitchers are great! The electric kettle looks so good and the proportions are just right. Good work!

  4. Hi Susan, nice to see you back. Your bread & butter pudding looks lovely! The little pitchers/jugs look amazing - how did you get them that shape? The planter and feed bin look really good too - as always everything is lovely.

  5. Hey,
    You have made a lot! and you think it's not that much?
    Loved to read your post and I love that you made mini's with your grandsons..they are already very good in it!

  6. I like that cat bed :) :). I am glad I do not have access to bread and butter pudding or all the pounds on my hips!!!.....*salivatesssssss!

  7. Yum, bread and butter pudding, delish. How cute are all the bits and bobs you have made lately, I can't believe that you made the toaster and electric jug in the earlier posts. They are fantastic! And the table i the last post :) Tamara

  8. Una ausencia muy productiva. Eres una cocinera estupenda, tiene un aspecto muy apetitoso.
    El muro de ladrillos muy bien terminado. El establo quedará perfecto.
    Aprovecho este comentario para darte la bienvenida a mi blog y espero que pases buenos momentos cuando lo visites.
    Besos Clara

  9. I do love your creation, Susan.
    They are amazing!!!

  10. Mother! You NEEEEEED to make bread and butter pudding again so we can come and help you eat it!!

    I showed the bratchild his feed bin and stable bits, and the other bratchild his mini things. They're impressed :)


  11. Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments! The grandkids are so happy to have your encouragement.

    I am still zen knitting, it's helping me cope with Rl for the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to share some miniatures soon.

    Dear daughter, we'll have "Upmarket Bread and Butter Pudding" soon!

  12. Thank you mother dear :)

    If it doesn't work that thing above is a heart.

    Your mini's are amazing, so is your zen knitting. And soap! My skin feels amazing!

  13. wonderful minis, love the enamel pitchers, the stable is superb, the flooring is perfect!The kettle and toaster are amazing! A very busy lady!
    Your pudding reminds me of the monkey bread I make for the kids, got me hungry now, think I need to bake some ;)

  14. Love all your new things. Loving the stable. And I wish I had been invited for pudding, lol...