Going Potty

No need to make the obvious remark,
I already know I'm potty :)
Miniature potting is one of the many and varied symptoms .
And it's fun although not expertly done.

When you don't have what you want
and can't wait for the postman,
you try making your own.
Paper Clay is great though I'm not by any means much of a potter so we'll call them
Shabby Pots!!
and hopefully get away with the unique pot style ;)
I didn't have any of the little wooden pots this time so
these ones are all my own work.

The pansies were begging to be planted,
hence the potty potting.
Yes, I actually made the pansies.
Much holding of breath
and stress
and learning not to sigh.......
so you don't have to search far and wide for petals.
Regular followers will know I'm more than slightly challenged when it comes to miniature flora
so please critique my first miniature flowers made from a kit, I'd love to know how to detail them to make them as life-like as possible.
The kit was from
The african violet was a 'pot ready' gift that only needed
a home and I love the wee thing.
The floral tape aspidistra was made a couple of years ago,
please don't look too closely at the poor thing,
it's kinda embarrassed :(
about being made to pose and help fill out the frame.
At this rate the conservatory may well be finished this year!
I never seem to finish my own projects,
making the details is more to my ability than the structure
and the potty mind loves the variety of creating whatever comes to the imagination.


  1. The pansies are amazing!!! They look so pretty in your gorgeous pots. Tam x

  2. You are very successful with both the pots and the flowers. Good results.

  3. Ooh Susan, your pots are fab:) and love the pansies - they are good. I have got one of her kits to start. Was it easy?

  4. They look just like real! You have done great work!

  5. the pots are beatiful! The arrangement was perfect. I loved it. :)

  6. Those pots are very nice - how did you make them? I find paperclay to be very fiddly...

  7. Your little pots are cute as can be, and you're one up on me have made some flowers!! Pansy's are always fun, their bright open faces always looking for a ray of sunshine. I'm jealous of your tiny African Violet by the way, I love the real ones but I kill them with kindness (or at least that's how I like to think of it)- unfortunately I did not inherit my mother's green thumb. Can't wait to see your conservatory taking shape :)

  8. Thankyou all for liking my pansies, big smile all over my face! I liked them when I finished 'planting' them but miniatures are like your own baby - you love it no matter what so it's hard to judge whether it looks right to other people.

    Laura, I sweated blood, believe me! I don't suppose it would be hard if you knew what you were doing but I'm a beginner and dead scared!! I'm sure your kit will turn out exquisite so hurry up and give it a whirl, I want to see!

    Christine, you're right re paperclay, specially the cheap sort like I have from Spotlight. I rolled it out thin and cut strips with scissors and rolled it round a form and pinched the bottom in. Some I pressed the rim in with a straight edge, others I tried adding the rim, those ones look a bit better but it's harder to smooth over the join. You could sand them smooth after they dry but I wanted them to look a bit dodgy, like they'd been hand turned by a beginner. At school when the other kids were trying their hands at sculpture, rather than embarrass myself and show my lack of artistic ability, I chose to make pots to grow my bonsais in ;) Oh no, now I'm going to have to try to grow miniature bonsais!

  9. Sorry Norma, I forgot to add that the conservatory is the most complete of any of my projects because it is in a greenhouse thingie that came from Target on a half price sale so I didn't have to build anything! It only needed the floor tiling and was ready to fill. It's in the Chic end of the Shabby style. I'll try to do some photos if the sun peeks through today. There are some old pics taken with the sun shining through the glass panes that gave it a lovely glow but there's not much in it in those photos.

  10. I love your pots, they look great! I have to try that some time. Your plants are beautiful, I can't give you any advise, because I never did plants. But they look great!
    * marlies

  11. Susan, just wanted you to know that I think those pots rock! :)

  12. The pots are really, really good - I love them and they look great planted. Georgie's pansy kits are great and you've done them beautifully but I love your other plants too!

  13. The pots look really good. The shape is perfect.

  14. Marlies, Thanks for your sweet comment. You are the Paper Queen, you need to try paper flowers, I'm sure your flowers would glow!
    Aw, thanks Sans, I hope I can someday learn to make as shabby as you do!
    Robin, you're so kind! My funny little pots will pass muster thanks to Georgies pansies, I just hope I can improve in flower making. I'm working up the courage to open another kit ;)
    Janice, thanks!! It's a challenge to try to work with mediums that you know you aren't good at, flora being one of my greater challenges. Clay in any form takes one look at me and immediately goes limp!