The migrants are here!

A belated welcome to new migrants
Hilda Grace and James George!

With thanks to Robin for all her help,
superb packing and travel arrangements,
and making sure our much loved couple
departed their land of birth safely.

This is a tale of a family.
Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent,
some have not,
Some of the tale is dollhouse fiction,
some is not :)

Part 1

In the beginning
there had been a love match
Hilda Grace and James George.
They produced and raised a much loved son who,
in the way of young men,
sought adventure along with fortune.
You may hear more of his adventures
in the future but for now,
this is his parents story.

Adventure led young James Downunder
and fortune he found.
Love found him.
He married an Aussie girl,
and settled down in marital bliss
which was wonderful news to his parents
but they missed him deeply
and wished so much to meet their Daughter-in-law.

Before they knew it Hilda and James became grandparents.
Hilda wept tears of happiness,
tinged with sadness
that she couldn't cuddle her first grandchild
or see the pride in her sons eyes. 

Then they became grandparents again.
Hilda found her thoughts turned constantly to
the grandchildren she hadn't met.
James George was stoic
but in his heart
he too longed to see his son
and to meet those grandchildren.
The decision was made to travel Downunder for a visit.
Arrangements were begun and then - 
they became grandparents again. 

With the family increasing in Australia
and retirement on the horizon
it seemed natural to make a permanent move
so they made plans to sell their house
 - that took some more time -
and they became grandparents again.

Finally all the arrangements were complete.
Passports in hand the elderly couple said a sad farewell to England
(and Robin)
and set their faces toward the new life awaiting them
in their new homeland
with their beloved son and his family.
By the time their ship docked,
they'd happily become grandparents again :)
(Help Robin, a couple more grandchildren are necessary to complete this story)

Here the author allows a peek into the happy arrival.
Just in the door,
being greeted by Daughter-in-law Janet and the most recent grandchild,
while son James Gordon puts the car away.

Hilda Grace couldn't wait to get her pinny on and start helping out,
but first things first,
her arms are aching for the long awaited cuddle of a beautiful grandchild.
while James George takes the luggage upstairs,
Janet hands over the baby to a very happy grandmother
(who hopes the little dear won't screech).
In honour of the important occasion
baby is wearing the christening robe
that Hilda Grace made and sent for the families Christenings.

Oh dear,
it's looking like there's to be yet another grandchild.
Hilda Grace is in her element!!

James George somehow manages to fit their chest
and a couple of suitcases into their room,
they will have to be unpacked before the rest
can be brought up from the car.

Hmm, he thinks, chihuahuas seem to have taken over the whole house.
He smiles to himself,
between grandchildren
and dogs
and a happy Hilda
life is going to be warm and wonderful.

The story to be continued!
Thankyou Robin for these super grandparents!


  1. Thanks for the nice little story! Will be following the next coming chapters.

  2. Wonderful story. A beautiful family. and a beautiful house ... Congratulations!

  3. WHAT CAN I SAY - what a fabulous story - I feel really, really honoured to be a teeny weeny part of it!!

  4. What a wonderful story and photos. Your dollhouse looks amazing. Also it's such a thrill to see the tiger on the floor. I must say it looks lovely there among your treasures.


  5. Susan - amazing:) Love the story and the characters they are delightful :)

  6. Well, thanks everyone for reading this little story. It is a story, only loosely based on real family. Your comments have made me smile nearly as much as I did when I first met the grandparents after their arduous journey from Britain.

    Robin, your characters have brought my dollhouse life and warmth that the porcelain dolls don't seem to manage. I adore them and feel honoured that you let them come to live with me! They actually look a lot like my own British family, Hilda Grace bears an uncanny resemblance to my Greatgran whose name was Grace.

    Hanna, that tigerskin is one of the great treasures in my dollhouse, I love him! I hope one day to build an addition to the house with a larger room to showcase the tiger, he looks a little cramped in his current quarters.

    Laura, I can't comment at your blog. It's so disappointing not to be able to say how much I enjoy your posts.

    I keep trying but there are a lot of blogs that won't let me comment so if you haven't heard from me in a while I'm still visiting and wishing so much to share my pleasure in your blogworlds.

  7. What a nice story! The baby's gown is beautiful!! =)

  8. Preciosa historia y preciosa familia, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  9. Oh mother! It is an awesome story! Keep going.

  10. What a lovely story Susan, it brings your dollhouse to life.