Bear Found Planking

I just sprung Eleanore
planking on the back
of our lounge.

It is breaking my heart that I can't comment on most of your lovely blogs so I'm sending everyone bear hugs


  1. Hola Susan:
    ¡¡ que linda osita !!
    està muy graciosa !!
    ¡¡ a mi tambien Blogger me ha tenido incomunicada !!
    No podia hacer comentarios a nadie!!
    pero ya me tienes aqui denuevo dejandote un comentario!!
    parece que poco a poco se està solucionando !!
    Un besito guapa ,que tengas un buen dia !!

  2. Elenore, bless her heart looks how I feel right now.


  3. Haha Dartagnon, Eleanore always looks a trifle overwhelmed with life but in reality she has a wonderful life! She is a very well travelled bear too, she's been as far north as Brisbane and south to Sydney and all points between ;)

    Hi Victoria. Snoopy invented planking! I think Eleanore likes Snoopy so when planking became popular she thought she'd try it ;)
    It was so funny last night when I picked her up off the lounge and put her onto the back out of the way and then realised she looked like she was planking so I said to the grandkids -
    Look! Eleanore is planking!
    They think grandparents are too old to know what planking is :)

  4. LOL......this is such a cute pic!!! =)

  5. Heheh Lataina, bears are always warm hearted and ready to make people smile. Glad Eleanore made you smile!

  6. Haha, that's sooo funny Susan! I haven't been receiving post notifications for you since the 'self-portrait' until the one announcing your giveaway winner so I missed out joining. Oh well, the Gods will conspire to spoil one's fun from time to time - catching Eleanor planking has made up for it! :)

  7. Aw Norma, I'm so sorry you missed the give away! Better luck next time I hope.
    Eleanore is a bit of a hoot even when she isn't planking, glad you like her stunt. She's one bear I couldn't part with after making her so she's become part of the family and can be found doing odd things at times!