A Little Bit of Excitement

A new workstation!

Tired of having to pack up the dining table every time we wanted to use it, I decided
to let the moths out of my wallet and get another workstation!
There's a drawer for tools, another for glues.
 One for clamps, another for odds and ends of wood.
There is room for individual project drawers
so they can be stored and easily brought out
to continue work.
And, you can almost see the top of the fridge and freezer
that have been covered with 'stuff' for years
where it was within quick reach ;)

I've had one of these for my crochet work for a number of years and it sure makes life easier.
Wheel it away when the house if full of guests
and find what you're looking for with generally less frustration from searching.
I can still misplace things but not quite as easily as
when everything was shoved into boxes.


  1. Hi Sue.
    Would you believe I was thinking of one of something like that when mum was here. I got the idea from seeing the hairdressers little caddy they whizz around with them. But a double one like that with all those draws is the way to go! I have a huge table and little boxes for everything but after a while they all disappear under all my stuff. Great idea Sue. Now you can put other stuff on top of the fridge!!

  2. What a great storage unit. Its so much nicer to be oragized isn't it. Love the little creation in the last post. Have a great week, Tamara x

  3. What a wonderful set up! I have a couple of similar units - one drawer wide and 10 drawers high which I ended up with after the offspring didn't want them, but that one looks wonderful! Is it a height you can work at? Mine are too tall so really only good for storage and I can see that being perfect for wheeling out in front of the TV to work. :D

    (did it empty the purse after the moths were released? :P)

  4. Oh Susan how cool is that? I so want one !!! A great idea :)

  5. Hi Carrie, funny you should think of a wheely-workstation while your mum was with you, I was thinking the same thing. I knew Wen would like my previous storage tower so when the caddy came on sale no-one had to break my arm to get at my purse ;)

    Thanks Tamara, I'll pass on your nice comment to my lovely grandsons :)

    Highly recommended Laura, convenient and easy to tidy out of the way.

    Yes Christine, I know the storage towers you mean, they're great too. This one is the right height beside a lounge chair and I often pull out a drawer half way and balance a board on it to increase the area. Haha, no, the moths aren't starving now they're back home in the wallet! The coffers didn't get badly depleted at all, $50.00 on sale price, less than a cup of coffee a day for a month ;) Not that I drink coffee but you get the drift....

  6. Brilliant!! Envy...envy...envy. Lol

  7. I love that idea..i also have to work on the dinertable, this is so easy to drive in another room when you need to clean up.
    I am going to look if i find a similar caddy here in The Netherlands.
    I s it a medical caddy?

  8. Heheh Robin, I bet you'd need more than one of these with all the work you do!

    Maria, I don't know if it is a medical caddy, the first one came from an office supply shop, the second from a dollar shop. Each drawer is as wide as an A4 sheet and would hold a couple of reams. I hope you find one! :)

    Note for Carrie - can't see the top of the fridge already ;)

  9. I need a workstation as your's here. : D

  10. Susan, What a perfect storage cart for your materials. I love it! I could fill about 10 of those carts and still need more drawers! LOL...I thought this is a "miniature" hobby. I just can't get enough supplies and tools! You are so organized!

  11. Me too Patty, if I had room for more workstation caddies that is. Most supplies are in my craft cupboard or in under-bed storage boxes. The workstation is a great way of having your most often used things readily to hand and still be able to tidy up quickly.

  12. Yes to not seeing the top of the fridge already!!!!

  13. Hello to you Sue! I am loving your blog - such wonderful images! Must say how fab your workstation is - how lovely to have everything in one place & yet all there for when you want to create! Sending best wishes from the UK! :) x

  14. Thanks for visiting Helen and thankyou for your sweet comment. I love your blog, your miniature style is so delicate!

    Heheh Carrie, I'm dobbing myself in here when I tell you part of the covering on the fridge is dust ;) It's above my line of sight, if anyone mentions it they get handed a cloth! I'd rather be dusting miniatures :))

  15. ¡¡ Ay Susan!!
    que maravilloso carrito !!
    asi podras tenerlo ordenado y bien distribuido en un solo lugar !!
    ademas lo puedes desplazar cuando desees a donde desees !!
    Algo asi me haria falta a mi , porque me cuesta mas sacar y meter las herramientas ,que tiempo gasto en hacer miniaturas !!
    felicitaciones por tu compra porque te serà de gra ayuda !!

    . * . (\ *** /) * . * Un besito
    .* . * ( \(_)/ ) * * . cielo
    .* . * (_ /|\ _) . * . que tengas
    .* . * . /___\ * . . un buen dia

  16. Hi Victoria! The wheely workstation is wonderful, specially for FM. It saves a lot of activity finding things in many different places with everything in easy reach.

  17. Hi Susan,

    How are you? Your workstation is fabulous! Love those drawers. I bet they are great storage helpers!

    Pei Li

  18. Hi Pei Li!! So nice to hear from you :) Miniatures suddenly got very exciting a couple of weeks ago and are keeping me busy, no crochet at the moment! The workstation is so useful, no packing up, just slide the drawers in and wheel it away. Hope you are enjoying your miniatures too!

  19. My work trolley that I use for beading is similar to this but it has two shelves underneath (it's a catering trolley)and I had to buy containers to put things in. I wish I had seen this one before I bought mine - it's brilliant! Where did you get it?

  20. Hi Bev, I love my work stations! One of the trolleys came from Office Supplies, the other from The Reject Shop. I waited till they came on sale in catalogues and got them for a bargain. I can hide one away in the knee-hole of the computer desk to make space when there are guests in the house.