My Excellent Adventure in Paperclay

I'm a guinea pig!

Another self portrait I hear you ask?
Heheh, ;))
that's Cheryl, a furfriend of mine.

My Excellent Adventure?
I'm the guinea pig trialling a miniature workshop!

Courtesy of a wonderful friend
and most talented lady...

Lidi Stroud 

I absolutely never dreamed of learning paperclay.
A workshop is beyond my capabilities.
to have this opportunity is beyond my wildest dreams!!

Lidi is kindly giving me this workshop
one morning a week over a few weeks.
To say I was scared to death of not coping
with the work would be an understatement.

Lesson One

The kit.
A mysterious pile of loot!

Gatorboard walls
Pastry board and roller
Clay tools
Door and window frames

First we knead the paperclay
and roll it out.

Then it goes onto a wall
and the brickwork is marked.
I got one wall done during the lesson
and had two more walls for homework.

Close up of the bricks,
still damp.

I found the work very physically demanding
but not impossible
and now I know what is involved
I'll be able to practise this technique at home
when RL allows.

I am seriously slow at learning new things so believe me when I say
Anyone could do this!!
Given a talented and generous teacher who will start you on your own
Excellent Adventure :)))

Thankyou so much my dear and generous friend,
you'll never know what this gift means to me,
being a guinea pig is my biggest
miniature adventure ever!


  1. Hi Susan,Looks like a lot of fun for you, and I know you will love it.
    I will be very interested to follow your first footprints into the building industry. hehehe

    Inquiring minds have to know.... how do you get the brick markings on the clay?

    I know yours will be great when its done. Everything you do is great and with Lidi as a teacher, how can you fail.


  2. The wall was very convincing! Grest job!

  3. Sue you lucky thing!!! Paperclay done like this still eludes me. I would love to see the results next time I'm down that way!

  4. Hi Dianne! Thanks for your lovely encouraging comment. The bricks lines are just pressed into the clay while it is still wet and then you carve away to get the grouting look.

    Thankyou Eliana :))

    Carrie, believe me, I know how lucky I am! With my difficulties I didn't see how I'd ever learn this technique. I've seen your building and paint work so paperclay would be a doddle for you. Hope you're able to come down for Christmas ;) it would be fun to play together!

  5. Hi I just love your crochet knitinks!! I like knitting too but I do it with needles. your little bears are amazing!!!Congratulations

  6. You are very brave and your first steps look promising. I am sure you will master this art. Thank you for giving Lidi's link. She is an amazing artist. I loved her work, especially the baskets.

  7. Oh Susan - you make Lidi sound so wonderful!!
    You fail to mention that it has been a blast both ways! See ya soon! Hugs!

  8. That's a great wall!! Sounds lots of fun - look forward to seeing some more.

  9. Hey Lidi, you'll never know how special my Paperclay teacher really is :))

    Ivonne, thankyou for visiting :)

    You are right Drora, Lidi's baskets are small works of art! Thankyou for your encouraging comment. More of my paperclay adventure coming soon!

    Hi Robin! I'm on the ride of my life :o)))

  10. This looks very very exciting! I'll be watching over your shoulder with GREAT interest :)

  11. I'm so happy to hear that Lidi is taking steps towards doing the class she talked about at the Sydney Fair and Susan you are doing a great job of the wall - it looks just great. You are indeed fortunate to be a guinea pig but I am sure Lidi had great fun too, from what I know of you!
    Hugs, Sandie

  12. Hi Norma! It is very exciting, something like a roller-coaster ride ;)

    Sandra, the painting is making me nervous. I'm just taking a break from trying to make bricks look brick-like! Trust me to still have homework and it's nearly school time again :o]

  13. That looks like an amazing technique and you seem to have mastered it very well and I know you will cope with the painting very well - looking forward to watching your progress :)

  14. Hi Laura! Great to hear from you as always :)) Um, the painting is not my real forte, however, if you stand back the general appearance is ok. It's a fun medium once you get the hang of it......

  15. Susan Y pensar que así empezó , y ahora ya todo lo que llevas. Y me encanta como está quedando , seguro el resultado final será maravilloso!
    Un abrazo

  16. Hi Flor! Thankyou for your lovely comments :))