More Paperclay

Lesson no. 2
The fun begins!!

Art was never my strong point but we go slowly and build up layers of paint.

Here is the inside of the left wall
showing some nice cracks.
Still needing some more layers to add depth
and dimension.

The back wall didn't crack :(
Never mind, there will be plenty of other details to hold the eye.
During art lessons at school,
while everyone else was drawing and painting,
I was making slab sided pots
to grow my bonsais in.
The teacher seemed ok with this arrangement ;)
I had fun and he didn't have to tear his hair out over
my stick figures!
I'm smiling all over my silly head
about managing to produce
some brick-like walls.

Thankyou again Lidi!!!
You are not only talented but also a very patient teacher ;)


  1. Cngratulations Susan.
    Your work looks wonderful and I know how much fun you are having.


  2. Muy bien perfecto!!!!!Besos.

  3. The wall is awesome! I loved the bricks color.

  4. Thankyou Dianne! I am having fun with this awesome opportunity to learn.

    Thankyou Malu :)

    Thanks Eliana! I saw bricks like this on an old building on television just a couple of nights ago so I'm happy my bricks are the right colour.

    Thanks for your kind comment La Belle Cuisine! I'm enjoying this so much!!

  5. It's a brilliant brick wall - and looks like you're really having such a great time!

  6. This is looking SOOO cool Susan, I might have to commission you if I ever need a brick wall painted - but I'll remember not to ask you to paint people on it - unless of course some graffiti is appropriate ;)

  7. Hi Robin, thanks for peeking :) Yep, this technique is fun to learn once you get over the nerves and I'm so lucky to have the chance to learn at my own pace. A workshop would be impossible!

    Norma, I'd recommend you commission Lidi to paint your brick walls ;) Or, take one of her workshops and paint them yourself! Grafitti? Can do!!

  8. Susan your wall looks amazing - you must have had one ear open in art :) Stunning as always :)

  9. Hi Laura! Nice to see you, thanks for visiting :) Hope things are ok with you?
    Um, deaf as a beetle is my 'art' ear. Results are thanks to a generous and talented teacher!!

  10. Het Susan,

    I think we drive this year not so far down at the coast. It's a very long way from Cairns to you. We have many friends in down under an we visit they, when we are their. But... this year we are only in Cairns.

    Maybe... on the next trip to Australia.

    Greetings from Germany


  11. ¡Que muro de ladrillos más bonito!!!!