I've had a Lovely Day!

I had the chance to meet a lovely blogger
and her equally lovely husband
and charming son
yesterday :)
We had known one another from miniature groups
and blogs for quite a long time so it was amazing to finally
meet face to face.

does quarter scale to perfection and she brought
half a dozen of her tiny treasures to show me.
I've often said it's hard to pick the scale of Sandies work in photos
and seeing them up close in Real Life was certainly not disappointing!
It was a real treat to see such beautifully made little cottages
with the most gorgeous tiny furniture you could imagine.
Thanks Sandie.

Today we got together again and went to visit Lidi
and spent a couple of hours looking at her paperclay buildings.
I never tire of seeing Lidi's artwork.
The conversation was all miniatures!
Such a treat for me to meet another miniaturist.

My blog has been quiet for a while,
I've been busy making Midget a new dress but
I didn't want to show it until Sandie got to see the one I made for her.


  1. Susan - it was indeed lovely to get together today - it's always such a treat when you are able to come and visit. Good to meet up with Sandra and her family too. And you're right - her quarter scale stuff is amazing - but you'll never convert me!!
    Take care of you and yours. Many mini hugs - Lidi

  2. It is wonderful to meet some mini friends. I haven't much in real life.
    The baby dress you made is so cuuuuuute. Love your work.
    Hugs from Craftland

  3. How wonderful to be able to meet in person. Sandie is a wonderful person and her quarter scale miniatures are gorgeous. It's a pleasure visiting her blog but I suppose seeing it real is even better. The garment you made for the doll is beautiful.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. Прекрасный ребенок!

  5. Hi Susan,
    Midget bis darling in her perfest new dress!

  6. Me alegro que disfrutes de la compañia de maigas de las minis.
    Me encanta como te ha quedado vestido ese precioso bebe, genial.
    besitos ascension

  7. She is adorable. All of your little one's from Alicia are so sweet! I love the clothing that you are making for them!

  8. You sound as though you had a wonderful time - it's nice when everyone is like minded. Your doll and dress are just stunning.

  9. Thanks everyone for visiting! And for your nice comments about our miniaturists get together! I know so few miniaturists in RL that it's a big treat meeting up with another like minded person and so special seeing other peoples miniature work.

    Heheh Lidi, I'm with you on the tiny scales. Wonderful to see when so well done but I won't convert either! Thanks for having us all at your place.

    Patty, that tiny doll is one of the porcelain Belly Button Babies, about half the size of the regular OOAK Alliebean babies! I'm loving designing for the BBB's, they're perfect size for newborn dollhouse babies.

  10. I've just been reading about this on Lidi's blog. What a gorgeous gift you made for Sandra. I can imagine that you all had a wonderful time together, her 'boys' are great aren't they - I missed seeing the three of them at the fair this year.

  11. Hi Norma, the time flew with all the chat. Meeting miniaturists in RL is a thrill for me and seeing the miniatures of such talented people as Sandra and Lidi is a gift!

  12. Susan, it was such a pleasure to meet you - sometimes we are disappointed when we meet face to face but you are just as nice as I thought you would be from our correspondence over time. And the photos on my blog don't do justice to the beautiful outfit you gave me! It doesn't show the tiny, delicate stitches to their best. Thank you so much! Hugs, Sandie

  13. Oh what a wonderful work,the baby is so cute,love it! Would love you to visit and follow my blog, regards!

  14. Hi Sandie, Yep, it was a real treat meeting you and your 'boys'. As you know, I don't 'get out' much so the opportunity to catch up with you and meet your family was not to be missed. Glad you like your baby gown.

    Ana Correia, I tried to peek at your blog but it seems to be private.